To confirm whether a Pharmacist is currently registered with us and therefore able to practise in Northern Ireland, you can search the Register. This is updated daily and is the most up to date reference for the public and employers on the status of Pharmacists registered within Northern Ireland. Displayed is the Pharmacist’s name, the date they were registered, registration number and any relevant additional information, including if a Pharmacist is registered as a prescriber. Registration details are based on initial registration with this organisation and updated annually or on notification by a pharmacist. A pharmacist should practise under their registered name and this does not always reflect marital status.

If a Pharmacist is not on our register they are not eligible to practise in Northern Ireland. It is incumbent on all pharmacist employers, pharmacy superintendents and contractors to ensure that all pharmacists employed are registered in Northern Ireland.

You can search the Pharmacist Register by entering either a name or registration number and then clicking ‘search’.