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Register – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion information

Makeup of the Register

The Pharmaceutical Society NI is not a public authority and has no statutory duty under Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998. We are, however, committed to maintaining high standards in the application of equality and diversity in our functions and the integration of equality and diversity values into our work.

As part of this commitment, we carry out annual voluntary surveys of pharmacists on our Register, by Section 75 categories.  This information is used for the purposes of ensuring that the regulatory policies and standards we develop do not create inappropriate barriers or otherwise disadvantage people with protected characteristics.

Survey findings:

Equality Monitoring Survey 2023 – 2024.

Equality Monitoring Survey 2022 – 2023.

Equality Monitoring Survey 2021 – 2022 .

Equality Impact Assessments, completed as part of our public consultations – completed by using the data from our annual surveys and Census information – can be found on the Consultations page of our website which can be found here.