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Premises Retention 2020

Premises retention

Annual retention of premises on the Register of Pharmaceutical Premises maintained under Section 76 (1) of the Medicines Act 1968

The registration of all NI pharmacy premises, under the Medicines Act 1968, is due on or before 01 January 2020.

The past few years, pharmacies could complete annual retention online in Northern Ireland. Over 90% of pharmacies used the online portal last year. It is a convenient, fast and easy way to complete premises retention.

To complete your retention form for 2020, please follow the instructions below:

  • If you used the membership online portal to pay for your pharmacy fees in 2019 please continue to Section A.
  • First time users of online premises retention should continue to Section B.
  • To complete a paper application, please continue to Section C.

A copy of the letter posted to each pharmacy premises can be found here: Premises Retention letter 2020

The Department of Health [NI] has the authority to set the fees for pharmacy premises in Northern Ireland.

These remain unchanged for 2020 at:

  • Initial Registration £113
  • Annual Retention £155

Payments can be made by BACS, debit card or cheque. Please note, we no longer accept credit card payments. The fee may be paid by debit card using a card form. Only send card details by secure postal email.

If you would like to pay for several pharmacies with one payment, please contact

New annual premises registration certificates will be issued to all registered pharmacies within 4 weeks of payment. Certificates can be retained on the registered pharmacy premises and may be displayed.

A. Returning online premises retention user

To complete your premises retention application, including payment of the annual fee, please visit Online retention is only complete when all data fields have been submitted including relevant payment(s) – this will be confirmed to you online with a receipt.

B. First time online premises retention

To log in, please visit and create an account using the “Register Now” button. You will need your premises number and the email address linked to your premise’s registration. If you are logged in as a pharmacist, you will need to log out of the platform to create a new account for the premises. It is not possible to register any premises with an email address already associated with a pharmacist membership online account.

Please follow the account creation steps, ensuring you have access to the email address entered.

A verification link is then sent to your email account. Please use this link to activate your account

1. Completing the online form

The form is partially pre-populated with mandatory and non-mandatory questions. Please complete all appropriate sections. All errors are shown in pink at the top right hand of the screen. The form cannot be submitted if it contains errors.

2. Completing registration for an individual pharmacy with payment

After completing the relevant questions and submitting the form, payment can be made by debit card to complete the registration process. On successful completion of the payment process, a receipt is sent to the registered email account. The form cannot be rolled back after submission. Please check that the information provided is correct before proceeding to the payment section.

3. Completing registration for pharmacy groups by combined payments

After completing the relevant questions, and submitting the form, an option is available to hold the form until payment is completed by the owner/director/superintendent. After all premises applications in a registered group have been completed to the payment stage and held for payment, a link for payment will be sent to the authorised person.

The authorised person will be the owner or superintendent. If you wish to nominate an accounts or head office email address, please contact and identify the preferred email address to be recorded as the authorised person to contact, regarding payment.

C. Instructions for paper applications

If you prefer to complete the registration in paper form, you can download a generic form here: Paper application Premises Retention 2020. Please print, complete and submit your paper application, and attach payment of £155. Your application to renew your premises registration is not complete until both payment and an application form have been received.

Changes to the Premises Register

To change the email associated with your pharmacy premises please email noting your pharmacy trading name, premises registration number and the email you wish to use.

Issue of Statutory Notices

On 15 January 2020 all premises which have not completed the retention process, including payment, will be issued with a Statutory Notice which could result in removal of the premises from the Register. The cost to re-register is £317.