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Pharmacists Retention 2024/2025

Annual retention with the Pharmaceutical Society of NI 2024-2025

The documents below will provide you with information and guidance to assist you in completing the annual pharmacist retention process.

Annual Retention Web Notice

Annual Retention FAQs

During the launch of Pharmacist Retention 2023/24 we announced our desire to introduce quarterly payments by direct debit from the 2024/25 retention period onwards.

We have undertaken a significant amount of work to bring about the functional changes to enable payments to be made by instalments but unfortunately it also requires legislative change to take effect.

We understand that instalments are a preferred method of payment for many of our registrants and are continuing to progress this matter to ensure we have the necessary regulations in place to allow for such payments to be made in 25/26.

We fully acknowledge the comments regarding the amount of the fee incurred and the positive impact the ability to pay by instalments would have on some pharmacists.

Council of the Society has carried out its annual review of registrant fees and has concluded that for the 8th consecutive year fees will remain unchanged. Fees will continue to be reviewed by Council on an annual basis.

If you have any issues completing the annual retention process, please email