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Pharmacist Retention 2021/2022

Annual Retention

The annual retention fee of £398 is due for the year 01 June 2021 – 31 May 2022 (last year’s retention was postponed until September 2020), as set out in the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (General) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2016.

Please visit to complete the retention process and maintain registration.

A letter was sent to all registered pharmacists on 29 April 2021 advising the annual retention process must be completed. Please see Retention letter 2021-2022.

Online retention is completed when full details are submitted by you online including payment. A receipt will be issued online after payment is made. If you are completing the retention form online, then payment must be made online, there is no alternative payment method available for online retention.

Should you prefer to complete retention in a paper format, you will be required to send a cheque for payment of the fee with your completed form, this is the only payment method available for completing retention in paper format. Please see Pharmacists Retention form 2021-22 – interactive.

Please ensure that data we hold is correct, submitting relevant changes and updating the following:

  • Personal details;
  • Employment status and indemnity arrangements;
  • Mailing options and data processing consent;
  • Declarations of Character, Health and Professional matters.

Declarations of Health or Character

Pharmacists are required to make self-declarations to the Pharmaceutical Society NI with regard to their fitness to practise. Standard 3.1.6 of the Code of Ethics and Standards (March 2016) imposes upon registrants a professional obligation to:

“Promptly inform the regulator, your employer and other relevant authorities of any circumstances that may call into question your fitness to practise or has the potential to bring the profession of pharmacy into disrepute.”

“Impairment of fitness to practise” is defined at para 4 of Schedule 3 to the Pharmacy (Northern Ireland) Order 1976 (as amended) and includes misconduct, certain criminal or disciplinary matters, deficient professional performance, and any “adverse physical or mental health which impairs their ability to practise safely and effectively, or which otherwise impairs their ability to carry out the duties of a registered person in a safe and effective manner.”

Registrants are also under a statutory duty to notify the registrar in writing of certain criminal or disciplinary proceedings or investigations within 7 days (see regulation 3 of the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (Fitness to Practise and Disqualification) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012).

If you wish to make a declaration, please use Self-declaration form interactive.

The declaration should be addressed private and confidential and forwarded to the Pharmaceutical Society of NI for the attention of the Registrar.

Indemnity insurance requirements

 It is a statutory requirement of registration for practising pharmacists in Northern Ireland to have an appropriate professional indemnity arrangement in respect of liabilities which may be incurred in practising under the Pharmacy (Northern Ireland) Order 1976, Article 11A. Full requirements can be found in the Indemnity Requirements for Registration and Retention section of the Pharmacist Registration page found here.

Withdrawal by Request

Registrants who wish to withdraw by request from the register of Pharmaceutical Chemists in Northern Ireland may apply to withdraw in accordance with Regulation 7(6) of the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (Fitness to Practise and Disqualification) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012.

Normally, registrants who are subject to fitness to practise procedures will not be permitted to withdraw by request from the register. Each application is processed by the Registrar in accordance with these Regulations.

Every registrant has a statutory obligation to submit a satisfactory CPD portfolio to the Registrar for each CPD year that their name is on the Register.  Please refer to the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (Continuing Professional Development( Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012 and the CPD Framework. Therefore, those wishing to withdraw by request should ensure that their CPD obligations have been met prior to submitting their application to withdraw.

In order to withdraw from the register, you must print, complete and submit an Application to Withdraw By Request.