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Pharmacist Retention 2022/23

Annual retention with the Pharmaceutical Society of NI 2022-2023

The Pharmacist’s registration year for 2021/2022 will end on 31 May 2022.  The annual retention fee of £398 is consequently due on the 01 June 2022 as set out in the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (General) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2016.  The registration year for 2022/2023 will commence on 01 June 2022 and will run until 31 May 2023.

To log in, visit:

A quick video guide is provided below:

Instructions for completing your retention form online

Pharmacists can complete annual retention through their homepage portal on or before 01 June 2022.

If you have forgotten your password, use the forgot password button and follow the instructions to reset your password.

An alert is provided on your homepage (when annual retention is open):

The contact and employment details on your homepage have been prepopulated in your retention application. You cannot change the contact or employment details that you see on screen in the application form.

However, you can change your contact and employment details before application, mid-application or after the application is submitted through your homepage:

Regulator online is a live system with many users interacting at once. The Pharmaceutical Society NI will use the records in your homepage as the most up to date record. If you make a change to your contact or employment details before or mid-application, you should continue and submit your application.

To complete the application form, all required fields must be completed and payment must be made on or before 01 June 2022.

If you answer yes to any of the fitness to practise or health declaration questions, you will be required to submit an additional self-declaration after your retention form has been submitted.

An alert will be provided on your homepage and you can complete and submit the self-declaration form.


Payment must be made on or before 01 June 2022. Some pharmacists may have their retention fees paid directly by their employer. To facilitate this, Body Corporates, Partnerships and Pharmacy premises have the option of logging in to the portal and paying for one or more users’ retention fees.

If you have completed your retention form online and your employer intends to pay for your retention fees, they must also use the portal to do so.

Further information for employers and paying pharmacist retention fees is below.

If your employer is intending to pay your retention fees online, you must ensure that your employer is listed on your employment in your homepage as your primary employer:

On the payment screen you can select will be paid by my employer. This will allocate your payment to an area in the employer’s payment screen.

If, at any time before your employer pays, you wish to pay for your own annual retention, you can do so through your homepage on the portal:


Instructions for Body Corporates, Partnerships and Premises

If, as an employer, you pay your pharmacists’ online annual retention fees directly to the Pharmaceutical Society NI, on their behalf, you must use the portal to do so.

As a Body Corporate, Partnership or Pharmacy premises, you can log into the portal to make payments. The payments tab allows you to see payments you have made through the portal:

On the Group payments tab you can select to pay for pharmacists who have noted that they are employed by you and that you are intending to pay their retention fees:

When you click on a pharmacist (or multiples), you can select create grouped payment:

You can then make a payment by debit card using the card payment alert:

If you wish to pay by BACS transfer, you should only use the group payment ID shown. You must email this payment ID reference to and ask for the BACs payment details. You cannot delete this group payment as our Finance Department will use this to reconcile the payment to both your account and the pharmacists’ retention. Once this payment has been marked as paid by the finance team you will see your payment screen update.

If you are a Body Corporate or Partnership, you can pay grouped payments for all or some of the pharmacists who are employed at Pharmacy premises you own. Premises can also log in and pay for pharmacists who are employed at their Pharmacy premises.

Most Pharmacy premises have previously logged into membership online and their log-ins have been brought across to our new portal. They will, therefore,  be able to log in with the same username (email) and password they used before. The reset your password function can be used for any users who have forgotten their password.

Body Corporates and Partnerships will not have previously logged in to the portal. To set up your account to log in, you must email and note the email you wish to use to log in. Each user on the portal must have a unique email to log in. You will not be able to use an email that is in use for a pharmacist or pharmacy premises.


Online retention is only effected when the fully completed retention forms and payment are received and processed by us – receipt of payment will be confirmed to you online.  Should you prefer to complete the registration in a paper format, you can download the form here: Annual retention form – postal applications must be received before the registration deadline of 01 June 2022.  Please allow adequate time if making a postal request as, due to the impact of COVID-19, we are aware of postal delays and internal staffing issues around office access and absence affecting our ability to process paper applications.  We would urge online application where possible as we cannot guarantee to process paper applications by the retention deadline.

Please ensure, before submission of your retention form, that the data we hold is correct, updating where necessary, and that all relevant declarations are completed. It is important that the name that appears on the register of pharmaceutical chemists is the name associated with each individual’s practice. The process for changing a name can be found within the Changes to the register section of the Pharmacists Registration page on our website. You can apply to change your name through the applications tab on your portal homepage. Alternatively the form is available via this link: Change of name and or title (

Declarations of Health or Character

It is the responsibility of every registrant to ensure that all relevant declarations are made. Unless circumstances have changed, it is not necessary to repeat declarations previously made.  A declaration proforma is hosted on the website to facilitate any disclosure.

Withdrawal by Request

Registrants may apply to withdraw from the Register of Pharmaceutical Chemists in Northern Ireland in accordance with Regulation 7(6) of the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (Fitness to Practise and Disqualification) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012.  Normally, registrants who are subject to fitness to practise procedures will not be permitted to remove their name from the Register by request.  To withdraw from the Register, please complete the relevant application form available on our website and email same to Registrants are advised that, if they wish to withdraw during the current retention year, they should be mindful of the minimum 21-day processing time for these applications and submit applications to withdraw in a timely manner. Failure to meet these requirements before the next retention year begins on 01 June 2022 will result in an obligation to pay the retention fee and make a CPD submission.

All registrants are obliged to carry out CPD during the registration year.  If your withdrawal request is granted and you do not make a CPD submission prior to your date of withdrawal from the Register, you may be subject to additional CPD measures following any return to the Register.

Continuing Professional Development

The current CPD year started on 01 June 2021 and will end on 31 May 2022.  As previously advised, CPD portfolios for this CPD year must meet the requirements of the new CPD Framework and must be submitted by midnight on 31 May 2022 via the new CPD

Equality and Diversity

 It is important that the policies and processes we have in place reflect the diversity of our registrants, ensuring all are treated fairly and equally.

We ask that you complete an Equality Monitoring form each year to help us do this. Please visit: to complete your monitoring form.