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Premises Retention 2023/2024

Annual retention with the Pharmaceutical Society of NI 2023-2024

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Annual retention of premises on the Register of Pharmaceutical Premises maintained under Section 76 (1) of the Medicines Act 1968

The registration of premises, under the Medicines Act 1968, to carry on the business of a retail pharmacy, expires on 31 December 2023. Annual retention notices were posted to all registered premises on 22 November 2023, retention is due on 31 December 2023. If payment is not made by this date, a Statutory Notice will be issued at the beginning of January which could result in the removal of the premises from the Register. The cost to apply for re-registration after removal is £317.

If you used the membership online portal to complete premises retention for 2023, please see Section A.

For first time users of online premises retention, Please see Section B.


The Department of Health (NI) has the authority to set the fees for pharmacy premises in Northern Ireland. These remain unchanged for 2024 at:

• Initial registration £113
• Annual retention £155

Payment can be made by BACS or debit card. Please note, we no longer accept credit card or cheque payments. Payment should not be made until the retention form has been submitted. If payment is received without the application being submitted, the payment will be returned.

Section A – Returning online premises retention user

To complete your premises retention application online, including payment of the annual retention fee, please visit . Online retention is only complete when the complete online form has been submitted and the relevant payment(s) made. Receipts are no longer emailed, instead, these are available within the payment section of your homepage.

Section B – First time online premises retention user

Further to our email, requesting an email address for the pharmacy premises, if you provided an email address at the time but have not yet logged into your account, please visit and select the ‘Forgot Password?’ link. This will allow you to reset your password and log into the premises account.

If you have not yet provided us with an email address, please email providing the email address that you wish to use for the premises together with the premises name and registration number. The registration department will add this to the record and advise you when the account is ready for you to access and complete retention. Please note that any email address being provided for any account must not already be in use for any other pharmacist, premises or body corporate account.

General guidance

Completing the online form

The online form is partially pre-populated with mandatory and non-mandatory questions. Please complete all appropriate sections and check your answers before submitting the form. Changes cannot be made to the form after submission.

Completing registration for an individual pharmacy with payment

After completing and submitting the form, you will be redirected to a payments screen where you can make payment by debit card. On successful completion of payment, a receipt will be available on the homepage of the premises account.

Completing registration for pharmacy groups by combined payments

A body corporate/limited company may, if they have created an online account, log in and complete retention for all premises owned and operated by them. After all retention forms for a group have been completed to the payment stage, a unique payment reference number will be available to make BACS payment. A video guide is available on our website showing this process. The BACS reference number should be emailed to requesting the bank details to make payment via BACS. Bank details will not be provided without a valid unique reference number. Once the BACS payment has been received, a receipt will be available on the homepage of the account.

Premises Certificate

A new premises certificate will be issued, by email to the premises registered email address, upon completion of the online retention form and payment being received. Certificates can be retained on the registered pharmacy premises and may be displayed.

Changes to the Premises Register

To make changes to your premises registration, please visit the online portal and complete the appropriate application. To change the email address associated with your pharmacy premises please email noting your pharmacy trading name, premises registration number and the email you wish to use.

New premises standards

The Council of the Pharmaceutical Society NI approved new premises Standards at its meeting on 05 June 2018 which await Departmental consent to come into operation. The Standards Notification will be sent to all registered premises ahead of the coming into operation of the premises standards 2018.

Registered Area

It is important that you provide appropriate records of the footprint of your registered pharmacy premises. If you have changed or plan to change the footprint, you should inform us as early as possible to maintain valid registration.

Foundation Year Training

Employers are reminded of their obligations to ensure that training meets the requirements as defined in the Standards for Pre-Registration Training.

Responsible Pharmacist Notices

It is the duty of all registered pharmacy premises to display a public notice of the name and Pharmaceutical Society NI registration number of the Responsible Pharmacist on duty.

A notice template in both portrait and landscape can be accessed below.

Responsible Pharmacist Notice Template (Landscape)

Responsible Pharmacist Notice Template (Portrait)

Keeping up to date

Visit for up to date regulatory information, events and more.