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Pharmacist Registration on the Covid-19 Temporary Register

Before engaging a Pharmacist on the Covid-19 Temporary Register employers should satisfy themselves of their: identity, health, character, competence and skills.

To view the Temporary Pharmacist Register please click here. 


Pharmacist registration

It is illegal to practise as a pharmacist in Northern Ireland without first being registered with the Pharmaceutical Society NI.

There are currently three ways a pharmacist can register with the Pharmaceutical Society NI:

  1. By registering on the permanent Register by the process described here:

Additionally, during the current pandemic emergency, temporary registration is available by:

  • being  part of the group of former pharmacists who left the Pharmaceutical Society NI Register in good standing within the last three years,  who have been written to directly and who meet the criteria specified. (phase 1)
  • applying to be added to the Covid-19 Temporary Register, being registered on or, in the last three years having voluntarily left, in good standing, the GPhC, the PSI or another EEA pharmacy register and by completing the application process detailed below, as per Schedule 3 of the Coronavirus Act 2020. (phase 2)

Temporary Registration Application

Application for registration on the Covid-19 temporary register

This form should only be used for the purpose of Covid-19 temporary registration. Applicants must complete all sections of the form.

All applications will be processed in accordance with our policies and procedures. We will send a confirmation via email of this registration to the applicant with details of their registration number. Practice is not permitted until the entry on the register has been confirmed.

Where an applicant is currently registered with another regulatory body, we will check the registration with that regulatory body via their public register.

Where this register is not publicly available, or registration has lapsed, we will require a Certificate of Current Professional Status [CCPS] to be issued by the relevant regulatory body.  The request for a CCPS must be made by the applicant.

There is no fee for registration on the temporary register.

All applications must be emailed to as we are currently unable to process paper copies due to the pandemic.