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Pharmacist Registration on the Covid-19 Temporary Register: April 2020 – 31 March 2024 (Now Closed)

The Covid-19 Temporary Register, opened in April 2020 under the Coronavirus Act 2020. This enabled the Pharmaceutical Society NI to temporarily register persons, in good standing, who had withdrawn from the register within the last three years. The purpose of the COVID-19 Temporary Register was to provide the maximum support possible to the pharmacy workforce and the health and social care system in unprecedented circumstances.

On 3 April 2020 during the initial phase, the Pharmaceutical Society NI placed 265 pharmacists on the Covid-19 Temporary Register, providing individuals with the option of removing themselves should they wish. By August 2023, 245 pharmacists remained on the temporary register.

That month the Department of Health and Social Care in Great Britain and the Department of Health NI advised health profession regulators that the circumstances to justify the continuation of all Covid-19 healthcare Temporary Registers would no longer apply after winter 2023/24.  Accordingly, we were asked by the Department of Health NI to commence a six-month period of notice of the intention to close our Covid-19 Temporary Register by 31 March 2024.  This allowed registrants who were practising on the basis of emergency registration, a grace period of six months in which to take up full registration if they wished to do so.

Pharmacists who remained on the Covid-19 Temporary Register and did not apply to join the Register, are no longer able to practice in Northern Ireland as of the 31 March 2024 – when the temporary register was closed automatically.

Commenting on the announcement Michaela McAleer, the Chief Executive of the Pharmaceutical Society NI stated:

“I want to take this opportunity to thank pharmacists on the Covid-19 Temporary Register who supported our pharmacy services and provided vital health care to the public during such unprecedented circumstances. 

“I would encourage all pharmacists who were on the Covid-19 Temporary Register to apply for full registration with the Pharmaceutical Society NI to enable them to continue to provide their vital care and support to our community.”

The names of all registered pharmacists in Northern Ireland can be found here.

The registration page can be accessed here.

1st April 2024