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The Pharmaceutical Society NI is the statutory regulator of pharmacy in Northern Ireland. we are established under the Pharmacy (Northern Ireland) Order 1976 which has been updated by the Pharmacy (1976 Order) (Amendment) Order (Northern Ireland) 2012 and the supporting regulations, which can be found here.

Under the Pharmacy (Northern Ireland) Order 1976 the Council is empowered to create bye-laws, these can be found here Accepted Byelaws Nov 2011.

A copy of the Corporate Governance Handbook adopted by the Council at its meeting of 26th September 2013 (as amended 10 November 2015) can be found here: Corporate Governance Handbook – Corporate Governance Handbook – January 2021

Our Governance Structure can be found here: Governance Structure – Jan 2021

The Council consists of up to 14 members, there are positions for 7 registered pharmacists(registrant members) and 7 persons that are not, have never been and are not eligible to be pharmacists (lay members). Council members are appointed on a competency basis by the DHSSPS for periods of between 2 and 4 years.

Our Current members are

Dr Geraldine O’Hare (LM) – President as of 01 October 2022

Mr Jonathan Patton (LM) – Vice President as of 01 March 2019

Ms Colleen Duffy (RM)

Brendan Garland (LM)

Mr Scott Gill (RM)

Ms Chanel Jones (RM)

Philip Knox (LM)

Mr Mark McCrudden (RM)

Gary McMurray (LM)

Mr Barry Mimnagh (RM)

Mrs Carol Moore (LM)

Professor Patrick Murphy (LM)

Mrs Alison Ragg (RM)

Note:  (RM) Registrant Member  (LM) Lay Member


Dr Jim Livingstone (LM) Retired 30 Sept 2022

Ms Sandra Cooke (RM) Retired 30 Sept 2022

Mrs Laura Hughes (Murphy) (RM) – resigned 30 August 2020 to take up post as Registrar of the Pharmaceutical Society NI

Mr Ciaran Hunter (LM)  Retired 30 Sept 2020

Mr Mark Campbell (LM) Retired 30 Sept 2020

Mr James Perry (LM) Retired 30 Sept 2020

Professor Martin Bradley (LM) – Resigned 2018

Mr Gareth Peeples (RM) – Resigned 2018

Ms Eleanor Magennis (RM) Resigned 28 May 2018

Mr Ciaran Byrne(RM) Resigned 28 March 2017

Our Statutory Committees

The Statutory Committees are the “Fitness to Practise Committees” whose role is to consider complaints and concerns about a registrant and to determine whether they amount to impairment of fitness to practise. If impairment is found they have powers to apply sanctions which are designed to protect the public. For more information on this process please click here

Our Other Committees


Finance & Performance:–  Chair: Gary McMurray Members: Scott Gill, Chanel Jones, Mark McCrudden, Prof Patrick Murphy.

Audit and Risk:-   Chair: Philip Knox. Members: Colleen Duffy, Brendan Garland, Barry Mimnagh, Carol Moore, Allison Ragg.

Remunerations:–  Chair: Dr Geraldine O’Hare. Members: Jonathan Patton, Carol Moore, Mark McCrudden.