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Practice Directions

The Chairs of either the Scrutiny Committee or the Statutory Committee from time to time can issue practice directions to clarify points of procedure and for clarification.

These practice directions are public documents and can be found below.


Statutory Committee Practice Directions


Practice Direction 01 -2023 Re Interim Order Reviews: PRACTICE DIRECTION 01-2023

Practice Direction 01-2024 Pre-hearing procedures for the Statutory Committee of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland, for both full Statutory Committee hearings and Interim hearings: PRACTICE DIRECTION 01-2024  This Practice Direction came into effect on 1 June 2024.


Archived – Practice Direction 01-2107 (If required, contact the Secretary of the Statutory Committee). Replaced on 1 June 2024 by Practice Direction 01-2024


Scrutiny Committee Practice Directions