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Fitness to Practise Committees

Fitness to Practise Committees

The Pharmacy (1976 Order) (Amendment) Order (Northern Ireland) 2012 and the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (Fitness to Practise and Disqualification) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012 provide for the establishment, in statute, of two fitness to practise committees; Scrutiny Committee and Statutory Committee.

Scrutiny and Statutory Committee members are appointed through an independent process for a four year period.

The Scrutiny Committee

The Scrutiny Committee considers concerns about a registrants fitness to practise, it has the power to dismiss a case, give advice, issue warnings and agree undertakings if appropriate. It must refer more serious cases to the Statutory Committee.

Scrutiny Committee Members

Scrutiny committee Members
John Gibbons Chair
Rosemary Connolly Deputy Chair
Bronagh White Registrant Member
Patricia Holden* Registrant Member
James Taggart Registrant Member
Anita Lawther Registrant Member
Colin Kennedy Lay Member
Andrew Popplewell Lay Member


The Statutory Committee

The Statutory Committee makes judgements on whether a registrant’s fitness to practise is impaired for reasons concerning their conduct, professional performance or health. All meetings are held in public (except for health related cases). The Statutory Committee has the power to issue formal warnings, agree undertakings, place conditions on the practice of a pharmacist, impose suspension and remove registrants from the Register.


Statutory committee Members
Michael Wilson Chair
Conor Heaney Deputy Chair
Kevin Neary Deputy Chair
Frances-Ann Archibald* Registrant Member
Michael Hamill Registrant Member
Catherine Glover Registrant Member
Jayne Laughlin Registrant Member
John McClintock Registrant Member
Mary Jane Biggart Registrant Member
Paul Archer* Lay Member
Carol  Ackah Lay Member
  • Appointed 1 October 2018