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Council Meetings and Papers

Council Meetings

All our Public Council meetings take place in public and are normally held in our offices at 73 University Street, Belfast BT7 1HL.  Council meetings are now hybrid (simultaneous in-person and remote attendance) meetings.  Please see the details for individual meetings.

Should you wish to attend, please contact the Council Secretary, Zulema Horner (, at least two working days in advance of the meeting advising of your attendance (in person or remotely) and stating any particular access requirements you may have.

Council Meeting Dates

The date of the next Public Council meeting, which will take place on 25 June 2024 in our offices at 73 University Street, Belfast BT7 1HL.

Please note all Public Council meetings are open to the public except in exceptional circumstances
Proposed future dates for Council Meetings


The following are the proposed dates for upcoming Council Meetings in 2023/24.

05 December 2023

05 March 2024

June 2024 (exact date TBC)

24 September 2024

03 December 2024

Please check the meeting details closer to the proposed dates as arrangements may change due to unforeseen circumstances.


Next Council Meeting, agenda & key papers Council Minutes

Council Meeting 20th November 2012 minutes

Council Meeting 2nd October 2012 minutes


Council Meeting 19th November 2013 minutes

Council Meeting 26th September 2013 minutes

Council Meeting 29th July 2013 minutes

Council Meeting 4th June 2013 minutes

Council Meeting  19th April 2013 minutes

Council Meeting 26th February 2013 minutes

Council Meeting 8th January 2013 minutes


Council Meeting 15th December 2014 minutes

Council Meeting 15th September 2014 minutes

Council Meeting 22nd July 2014 minutes

Council Meeting 27th May 2014 minutes

Council Meeting 10th April 2014 minutes

Council Meeting 27th January 2014 minutes

Council meeting 4th November 2014 minutes


Council meeting 3rd February 2015 minutes

Council meeting 24th March 2015 minutes

Council meeting 12th May 2015 minutes

Council meeting 29th June 2015 minutes

Council meeting 14th September 2015 minutes

Council meeting 10th November 2015 minutes


Council meeting 9th February_2016 minutes

Council meeting 8th April 2016 minutes

Council meeting 10th May 2016 minutes

Council meeting 5th July 2016

Council meeting 13th September 2016

Council meeting 8th November 2016 minutes


Council meeting 17th January 2017 minutes

Council meeting 14th March 2017 minutes

Council meeting 9th May 2017 minutes

Council meeting 4th July 2017 minutes

Council meeting 14th September 2017 minutes

Council meeting 7th November 2017 minutes


Council meeting 08 February 2018 minutes

Council meeting 10 April 2018 minutes

Council meeting 05 June 2018 minutes

Council meeting Minutes – Council – Public – 180918 minutes

Council meeting Minutes – Council – Public – 131118


Council meeting 29 January 2019 minutes

Council meeting minutes Council – Public – Minutes – 020419

Council meeting minutes Council – Public – Minutes – 210519

Council meeting minutes Council – Public – Minutes – 300719

Council meeting minutes Council – Public – Minutes – 190919

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