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Council Member Recruitment March 2021


Council Member Recruitment 

The Department of Health is seeking to appoint four Council Members to the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (one Registrant Member and three Lay Members).

This is an exceptional opportunity to share your talents and expertise to make a positive difference to the lives of people in Northern Ireland.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland is the regulatory and professional body for pharmacists in Northern Ireland whose work is overseen by a Council comprising 14 Non-Executive Members (7 Registrant and 7 Lay Members). It maintains a register of over 2700 pharmacists, 130 pre-registration trainees and over 500 pharmacy premises across the country.

Applicants for the four Council Member posts must meet the following four Essential Criteria: Performance Management, Corporate Governance, Collaborative Working and Strategic Thinking. There is an optional Desirable Criteria for applicants to provide evidence of a background in financial management.

The deadline for receipt of applications is Midday Wednesday 24th March 2021


PSNI 1/20 Application Form

PSNI 1/20 Information Booklet

PSNI 1/20 Equality Monitoring Form

PSNI 1/20 Guaranteed Interview Scheme Form

CPANI Complaints Probity and Conflict of Interest Document

TEO – Public Appointment Guide – Leaflet

For further information


Telephone: 07734 253 137

Write to: Mrs Joan Duffy, Head of Business Operations, Pharmaceutical Society NI, 73 University Street, Belfast BT7 1HL

Member (one) of the joint Pharmaceutical Society NI and GPhC Board of Assessors


Member (one) of the joint Pharmaceutical Society NI and GPhC Board of Assessors

In 2019 the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society NI announced that from June 2021 it would hold a registration assessment jointly with the General Pharmaceutical Council.

As part of the governance arrangements for this new approach it was agreed that one pharmacist, registered with the Pharmaceutical Society NI and possessing relevant skills and knowledge would be appointed to the Board of Assessors who oversee the registration assessment.

We are currently seeking to recruit that Northern Ireland member of the Board of Assessors.

Further information about the role, requirements and function of the Board member can be found here, with applications being made through Forde May Consulting found here

Registrar & Head of Registration, Education and Investigation


Registrar & Head of Registration, Education and Investigation

Forde May Consulting is seeking to appoint a new Registrar & Head of Registration, Education and Investigation on behalf of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland and Department of Heath.

The Pharmaceutical Society for Northern Ireland is the regulatory body for pharmacists in Northern Ireland.  Through a scheme of delegation to the Pharmacy Forum the organisation is also responsible for delivering the leadership functions set out in the Pharmacy (Northern Ireland) Order 1976.

The Registrar & Head of Registration, Education and Investigation is responsible for leading all  registration education and investigation processes ensuring statutory compliance. Functions also include the presentation of Fitness to Practise cases and managing Continuing professional development processes.  They will also be accountable to the CEO for performance and operational issues.

Further Information can be found here:

Appointment of Members to the Fitness to Practise and Registration Appeals Committees for the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland


The Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland is seeking to appoint Committee Members for the Fitness to Practise and Registration Appeals Committees.

The competency-based recruitment process is being independently carried out on behalf of Council by Forde May Consulting. Council will appoint based on Forde May Consulting’s independent recommendations.

The Council is seeking to appoint the following positions:
Statutory Committee

  • 1 Chair and 1 Vice Chair
  • 1 lay member
  • 5 registrant members
  • A reserve list of at least 11 people (7 lay and 4 registrants with at least 3 lay members being able to act as Chair and/or Vice Chair)

 Scrutiny Committee

  • 1 Chair and 1 Vice Chair
  • 2 registrant members
  • A reserve list of at least 8 people (4 lay and 4 registrants with at least 1 lay member being able to act as Chair)

 Registrations Appeals Committee

  • Will be constituted of those individuals on the Reserve Lists

Full details of the application and recruitment process can be found on the Forde May website at:  The closing date for applications is 4pm Monday 10th February 2020.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland and Forde May Consulting are equal opportunity employers. Applications are welcome from candidates regardless of their background.

Council Members March 2018


Council Member Recruitment

Serving on Council of the Pharmaceutical Society NI

The Council of the Pharmaceutical Society NI needs new members this year and would greatly welcome applications from registrant pharmacists for what is a key strategic role in the development of pharmacy.

As you know, the Pharmaceutical Society NI is the statutory regulator of pharmacy in Northern Ireland.  We are established under the Pharmacy (Northern Ireland) Order 1976 which has been updated by the Pharmacy (1976 Order) (Amendment) Order (Northern Ireland) 2012 and the supporting regulations.

We are presently in the process of recruiting new members of Council to fill vacancies created by retiring members.  We are very keen to ensure that registered pharmacists in Northern Ireland would give serious consideration to applying to fill vacancies and hope that the information set out here would help inform and hopefully persuade pharmacists of the merits and benefits of making such an application.

What does the Council do?

The 14 members of Council, 7 pharmacists and 7 lay, collectively set the strategy and oversee the activities of the organisation’s Executive, holding them to account for the performance of the organisation.  We are responsible for ensuring the effective registration and regulation of individual pharmacists and pharmacy premises.

Council plans this year to oversee a number of public consultations on standards for Superintendent and Responsible Pharmacists following a government consultation to amend the regulators’ powers as well as contributing to a government consultation on the creation of a defence for dispensing errors in hospital and similar settings.

Looking further ahead, it is anticipated that Council will contribute to a review of arrangements for supervision in the assembly and preparation, and for the sale and supply of medicines, and to develop proposals for the statutory registration of pharmacy technicians which is a matter for government to take forward.  This will be critical work for the future development and enhancement of pharmacy services.

In the past year, Council has consulted on new outcome-based standards for premises and assisted with the introduction of legislation which creates a defence for dispensing errors in registered community pharmacies – which became law this month.

There has never been a more interesting and important time to be involved in this work helping to support, through innovative and enabling regulation, the next stages of development in the pharmacy profession.  This is intended to lead to improved quality and more effective pharmacy services when the health and social care service faces many challenges and pressures.

If you are passionate about clinical excellence, patient safety, innovation and the reputation of pharmacy; if you would like to make an important contribution to the good governance and leadership of pharmacy regulation; if you would like to share and further develop your experience and skills, you should seriously consider applying to become a member of Council in this appointments process launched this week. The Council needs pharmacists (as well as lay people) to fill current vacancies.  As in previous recruitments, we aim to recruit a wide and diverse range of applicants.  You will find details of the posts and application forms on the DoH website at: .

What commitment is involved in being a Council member?

Council meets typically 6 times per year for half a day.  Council members may also be asked to serve on a committee of Council.  These committees meet on average 5 times per year, again for half a day.  Council members are remunerated for their time commitment as follows:

Position Meetings up to 4 hours duration Meetings over 4 hours duration Training and induction days (any length)
Council Member £118 £235 £118
Chair of a Committee (when chairing committee meeting) £143 £285 £118
Committee member £118 £235 £118

Council members are also eligible to claim expenses for costs necessarily incurred.

Concerned that you may not have the interview skills or be able to navigate through the application process?

Most pharmacists already have the skills to perform this governance role.  You may or may not have served as a board member of an organisation.  You may be a long-established senior pharmacist or one in the early stage of your career.  However, more important is an understanding of business operations and resource management, an awareness of what good corporate governance is, an ability to engage effectively with a range of stakeholders, including the public, and good self-awareness are the key qualities and attributes that are needed to serve as a Council member.

The Pharmacy Forum NI is running tailored events that are designed to assist those pharmacists who may wish to apply for Council membership or indeed other public appointments.  The event will initially be run on 16 April 2018 and repeated if required to assist in preparing participants in presenting skills and abilities effectively in order that they can apply for public appointments with confidence and bring an essential pharmacy perspective to high level decision-making and planning by this and other public bodies.

You can find more information at

What do Council members past and present say about the role?

Jim Livingstone, the current President of Pharmaceutical Society NI says “The partnership between lay people like myself and pharmacists on Council is a critical component of good governance.  The pharmacist members bring a wide knowledge of the profession of pharmacy and many other skills that ensure decision making is well-informed and effective.  Working on Council not only contributes to the strategic effectiveness and good governance of Council, it also provides a fantastic opportunity for individuals to develop their own skills in ways often not otherwise available.  I would appeal to all pharmacists in all sectors to consider applying to be a member of Council.”

Professor David Jones, Pro-Vice Chancellor at Queen’s University and a past Registrant member says “Being a registrant member of the PSNI will enable you to positively affect the Pharmacy Profession and to ensure that the Profession in Northern Ireland is vibrant, modern and is capable of offering high quality care to public.  It is your chance to give something back to our Profession and to secure the future of the Society for future generations.”

Laura Murphy, Pharmacist and Council member since 2016 says “I was both excited and apprehensive at the opportunity of becoming a Council Member.  The training provided is comprehensive and gives you the right support to carry out the role.  As a Registrant, I had no idea of the depth of the function of the PSNI.  However, carrying out this role has enabled me to gain a greater knowledge of the role and function of the PSNI.  It has been a great learning curve and it is also exciting to be a part of shaping the regulation of Pharmacy in Northern Ireland.  It is also a great opportunity to work with others from a wide range of professional backgrounds.  I would really encourage others to apply!!”

Gareth Peeples, Hospital pharmacist and Council member since 2014 says “Whilst initially excited about my appointment, I was quite nervous about becoming a part of the Council.  However, with the training provided and the support of the other members and staff, I soon became confident in my role and over time have become a very active contributor to the business of both Council and its committees.  If you want to do something new, gain new skills and help shape the regulation of Pharmacy in Northern Ireland, then apply for the role of Council Member – you won’t regret it.” 

Eleanor Magennis, Pharmacist and Council member since 2016 says “I feel that being a member of Council is beneficial both professionally and personally because of the experience I have gained in terms of chairing Communications Committee meetings, working with other registrant and lay members from various backgrounds and attending events, for instance, with the Pharmacy Forum.  I have also gained insight into how politics have a major influence on pharmacy legislation in Northern Ireland and the pace at which change happens.”

We hope you will give serious consideration to applying for appointment to Council.  It is a relatively straightforward process of written application and, if shortlisted, interview by a panel chaired by the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, the Council President and an Independent member.  This is your chance to contribute to the future development of pharmacy.

Clinical Advisers June 2017

Clinical Advisers

The Pharmaceutical Society NI is looking to appoint a minimum of eight experienced clinical advisers, with a range of expertise, to its Clinical Advisers List, to provide advice to its Fitness to Practise Committees on health related issues.

Clinical advisers will be appointed to the Clinical Advisers List for a term of four years and will be engaged on a case by case basis. Appointments may be renewed at the Pharmaceutical Society NI’s discretion.

Areas of expertise

We are particularly interested in receiving applications from clinicians who specialise in the following areas:

  • Alcohol dependence and misuse
  • Drug dependence and misuse
  • Psychiatry
  • Depression
  • Occupational Health
  • Generalist


Clinical advisers appointed will be engaged from the List on a case by case basis.

Clinical advisers will be paid on an hourly rate of £80 per hour. This includes reading and preparation time.  Expenses will be reimbursed as per the Pharmaceutical Society NI’s expenses policy.

The Pharmaceutical Society NI can make no guarantee with regards to the number of cases a clinical adviser will consider in any given period.


Further information on the role and criteria can be found here:

Interested applicants should:

  • complete an application Questionnaire Form;
  • provide a C.V.; and
  • a covering note outlining how you meet the specified criteria

Closing date – has been extended

Completed application Questionnaire Forms and relevant documents should be emailed to by 5.00pm on Friday 16 June 2017or by post to Mark Neale, Head of Public Affairs, Pharmaceutical Society NI, 73 University Street Belfast, BT7 1HL

Appointment process

This will be a paper based exercise; assessors will only consider written information provided by the applicant. Appointments will be made on a basis of merit. Only those applicants who most closely meet the criteria outlined will be appointed to the panel. Note: preference will be given to candidates with previous experience of presenting to tribunals or similar bodies.

Fitness to Practise and Registration Appeals Committee Members May 2016

Appointment of Members to the Fitness to Practise and Registration Appeals Committees:

The Council of the Pharmaceutical Society NI are seeking to recruitment members for the Fitness to Practise Committees and the Registration Appeals Committee. To ensure the independence of these appointments Forde May Consulting have been appointed to carry out these appointments. The following positions are available. Full details, including how to make application can be found here: Committee appointment details

Statutory Committee

  • One lay member
  • A reserve list of at least six people (3 lay and 3 registrant with at least 1 lay member being able to act as Chair)

Scrutiny Committee

  • One lay member
  • One registrant member
  • A reserve list of at least six people (3 lay and 3 registrant with at least 1 lay member being able to act as Chair)

Registration Appeals Committee

Will be constituted of those individuals on the Reserve Lists

Applications closed on 27 May 2016

Pre-registration Lead March 2016

Specialist Pharmacist – Pre-registration Lead (Upper Level Band 7)

In order to better meet the changing needs of public protection by the regulation of pharmacy in Northern Ireland the Pharmaceutical Society NI are seeking to recruit the following specialist pharmacist to work as part of a small team;

Registered, or eligible to be registered as a pharmacist in Northern Ireland, with overall responsibility for the development and delivery of the pre-registration training programme, management of the accreditation of educational courses and supporting the fitness to practise, standards and disciplinary activity. This is an opportunity for an experienced pharmacist to personally contribute to the development of new entrants to the profession and work as part of a team that requires that standards are continuously met throughout their professional life. The position is a permanent role, full time and based in our offices in the university area of Belfast. It will require some out of hours working and occasional travel.

To find our more details or to apply please click on the links below. Note boththe Application Form and the Equality Monitoring must be submitted as part of the application process;

Pharmacist pre-registration lead job description 2016

Pharmacist pre-reg lead Application Form Feb 2016

Equality Monitoing form 2016


Note: we will accept only completed application forms, available from website or by post. CVs will not be accepted.

Council Members March 2016

Six Council Members

The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety is seeking to appoint six Council Members to the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (five registered persons and one lay member). Full details can be found on the department website at:

A leaflet detailing the role of Council can be found here: