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Registration Examination 2020

The Registration Examination is held normally in June and October of each training year. A pass in this examination is a pre-requisite for registration. Trainees must have completed at least 45 weeks pre-registration training in an accredited pharmacy registered in Northern Ireland to be eligible to sit this examination.

The 2020 Registration Examinations have been postponed until early August 2020. Please see the Statement of 1 May 2020 and the associated FAQs

Please refer to Pharmaceutical Society NI/GPhC joint statement 

Registration Examination FAQ
Where will the registration examination be held?


We are researching venues at present which will allow social distancing – an announcement will be made on venue and date as soon as they are finalised

What date will the registration examination take place?


We are researching venues at present which will allow social distancing – an announcement will be made on venue and date as soon as they are finalised

How will I apply to sit the registration examination?


We will contact all pre-registration trainees  with further details about how to apply

Will I be able to remain on my training site after the new intake of pre-registration trainees arrives?


You need to agree this with your employer – you must normally complete a total of 52 weeks training as the sole pupil of a tutor to qualify for registration, after successfully completing the registration examination. Once you have completed 52 weeks satisfactorily you no longer need to be the sole pupil, but your activities will require the same level of supervision as at present, from a pharmacist

I am a tutor, can I have more than one trainee?


You may only be the registered tutor of one pre-registration trainee, and they must complete 52 weeks training as your sole pupil. In the exceptional circumstances this year, causing delay to the registration examination, you may become the tutor of an incoming pre-registration student provided an existing trainee for whom you are tutor has successfully completed 52 weeks of training

Will funding be available for any extension to training beyond 52 weeks?


Our statement says The Chief Pharmaceutical Officer has advised that the Department will ensure pre-registration funding is available until the registration date in August, allowing trainees to remain in post with the agreement of their employer.

What if I do not want to sit the registration examination in August?


It is recommended that you only sit the registration examination when you feel that you are fully prepared and ready to do so. There is no compulsion to sit the registration examination in August, though it must be done within 18 months of sign off by your tutor after 52 weeks of training

What do I need to have to be eligible to sit the registration examination?


Further information about eligibility requirements for the registration examination can be found in chapter 10 of the pre-registration training manual. (link) which includes  achieving a  satisfactory 39 week appraisal as confirmed by your tutor, and have completed 45 weeks training

Do trainees have to complete all the compulsory aspects of training before registration?

Yes, trainees need to complete all of the compulsory aspects of pre-registration training (including the reflective e-portfolio, e-learning modules, attendance at live training days and achieve a satisfactory final appraisal and attain a final declaration from your tutor and attain a  pass in the registration examination) as a requirement for registration. Given the current challenges experienced by tutors and trainees, we will take a pragmatic approach to the normal expected interim deadlines for completion of the compulsory aspects but urge trainees and tutors to work together to make the best use of additional time available for training to effectively prepare for the registration examination and ensure that compulsory aspects of training are completed.

Examination Results

Registration Examination results will be emailed to candidates.

Further advice about what to do if you do not pass the examination is available using this link.

Examination Rules and Instructions Examination Procedures

Further information is provided in Chapter 10 the Pre-registration Trainee Manual

Examination Syllabus Reference Sources for the Open Book Examination 2020


The following references sources are required the Open Book Examination 2020:

Permitted Reference Sources 2020 – Important information (updated 02 December 2019)

British National Formulary, 78th edition (September 2019 edition)
BNF for children 2019-20
Drug Tariff (Northern Ireland) April 2020 edition
The Code
Professional standards and guidance for advertising medicines and professional services
Professional standards and Guidance for Internet Pharmacy Services
Professional standards and guidance for patient confidentiality
Professional Standards and Guidance on Patient Consent
Standards and Guidance for Pharmacist Prescribing 
Professional standards and guidance for the sale and supply of medicines
Professional standards and guidance on the Responsible Pharmacist Regulations
Guidance on Raising Concerns

Calculators with simple calculation facilities can only be used, for an example click here.  Use of calculators on mobile phones, smart phones or other similar devices is not permitted.

Candidate’s are responsible for bringing in the correct resources and ensuring that they are permitted and complete. They will not be provided.

Guidance on Annotating Reference Sources for the Registration Examination

Examination Entry Form

The 2019 Registration Examination entry form is provided in the Training Manual. It can also be downloaded by clicking the Examination Entry Form link.

Applications must be received at least six weeks before the date of the examination (i.e. by 01 May 2020 for June examinations and 01 September 2020 for October examinations).

The fee for the Registration Examination 2019 is £174.

If paying by debit card please complete a Debit Card Payment Form

Cheques should be made payable to Pharmaceutical Society NI.

We do not accept Cash.

What to do if you fail the Examination