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Registration will only take place when a trainee can prove to the registrar that he/she has fulfilled the Pharmaceutical Society NI regulations on pre-registration training and has passed the registration examination.

You must ensure that the following are received by the Pharmaceutical Society NI by the specified deadlines:

• A New Registrant form

• Registration fee (as specified by Council)

• Declaration form (two Declarations if you had two tutors)

• FOUR completed appraisals indicating an acceptable level of performance at 13, 26 and 39 weeks and a final appraisal indicating that you have attained the required standard

• Completion of the e-portfolio

• Proof of attendance at the Supporting Professional Practice, Law & Ethics and First Aid Training days all delivered by NICPLD (an attendance record will be provided by NICPLD, you must ensure that your attendance is recorded)

• Proof of passing the assignments associated with the compulsory self-study courses specified in Section 2.3 of the training manual by the deadline date

• Additional forms that may be required by Council. If required, these forms will be posted to you before registration.

You must generate a certificate from the NICPLD website which will be used as evidence of your attendance at the training days and completion of self-study course assessments and should be included with your documentation for registration.

The Registrar will already be aware of the result of the Registration Examination which you must have passed and your attendance at the Induction Training Event and Business Management Course.

Your degree certificate must also have been presented for authentication at the start of your pre-registration training.

Registration Process

All essential documentation for registration, including the specified registration fee, must be submitted by the trainee to the Pharmaceutical Society NI no later than the end of 50th week of pre-registration training.  This will include the final appraisal and declaration, which will indicate when the trainee will have completed 52 weeks.  Documentation submitted after the 50th week will result in a delay in registration.

Please use the Registration Checklist 2019-20 , which details all essential documentation to be submitted for registration, to assist you with your preparation.

The Registrar reserves the right to meet with a trainee, in which case registration may be delayed.

Confirmation of registration and registration number will be posted to trainees.  If written confirmation has not been received by the official registration date, a trainee and/or prospective employer can verify this via the Search the Register facility.

In order to register with another regulatory body at the end of the pre-registration year you must initially register with the Pharmaceutical Society NI.  If you do not, you will not meet the requirements for EEA recognition of professional qualifications.

This is detailed in the Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 September 2005 on the recognition of professional qualifications.

An extract to confirm the position of the GPhC and PSI can be found here.

Registration Pack 2020

New Registrant Application 2020-21
Registration Checklist 2019-20*
Final Declaration 2019-20 
Registration with Another Regulatory Body– December 2020

  1. The completed application form and supporting documents must be emailed to by 31 July 2020.  If your training completion date is after this date, please ensure you submit your registration documents by week 50 of training.
  2. The Pharmaceutical Society will confirm receipt of  your paperwork and at that stage you will then be given instructions on how to make payment.
  3. Once confirmation of payment has been received then your application will be processed.

* As staff are working remotely we do not have access to any previously submitted documents i.e. Degree Certificate & 26 week declaration (if applicable) and trainees are asked to scan and submit a copy with their registration documents.