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The Common Registration Assessment, in partnership with the GPhC, will take place 16 November 2021.

Date for release of Results

The Pharmaceutical Society NI will release your assessment results on the morning of Friday, 17 December 2021.  Your results will be sent to your registered email address.

Registering as a Pharmacist 

If you are planning to join the register after you sit the November Common Registration Assessment, please refer to the guidance and registration application instructions below.

The earliest anticipated date for Registration will be 12 January 2022.  To be eligible to register you will need to:

  • pass the November 2021 Registration Assessment;
  • have completed a full 12 months of pre-registration training;
  • submit a fully completed final declaration;
  • provide a NICPLD certificate evidencing successful achievement of all mandatory elements of training;
  • pay the registration application fee (£398) and
  • submit a fully completed Registration Application Form, including all the required documentation to , by 5pm on Thursday 09 December 2021

The application form and other relevant documents can be found in the ‘Registration Pack’ at the bottom of this page.  You can begin submitting your application for registration from 01 December 2021.  All documentation including payment of the application fee must be submitted by the deadline of 5pm on Thursday 09 December 2021.

Late applications, received after the deadline, will result in delayed registration.  The onus is on you to ensure timely submission of all the required documentation.

NB.  For those candidates who submitted a registration application following the June 2021 assessment, you must submit a new Registration Application Form.  If you did not request a refund, then you do not need pay the application fee.  However, if you were refunded, you will need to submit the application form along with the payment. 

Payment of registration fees

To ensure timely registration, you should pay the registration fee as soon as possible after submitting your Registration Application form and required paperwork (as listed above).  To submit payment, please go to the Events Section on our website and select ‘Registration via Pre-registration Training 2021/22’, then select ‘Register’, complete the details and pay the registration fee.  Registration applications will only be processed once the fee has been paid.

Checking the Register

You are reminded that, before practising as a pharmacist, you must ensure that your name is listed on the online Register via the Search the Register function on our website.

If you choose not to register upon completion of pre-registration training

In order to be eligible to join the Register, you must have taken no longer than eight years from the start of the MPharm degree programme to graduation and completion of pre-registration training or four years from commencement of the Overseas Pharmacist Assessment Programme (OSPAP) route (subject to limited exceptions).

If you do not wish to apply to join the Register on completion of pre-registration training, but intend to do so at a later date, you must:

  • notify the Pre-Registration Department by email –
  • remain on the Student Register;
  • pay an annual retention fee of £10.00 (see Regulation 4 of Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (General) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1994). Please note that you will be invoiced annually;
  • keep your knowledge and skills up to date in preparation for joining the Register. Please note that you may be required to submit a satisfactory CPD portfolio to the Registrar prior to entry onto the Register.
Registration Pack


The completed application form and supporting documents must be emailed to

Application for Registration via Pre-registration Training 2021/22
Registration Checklist 2021
Final Declaration 2021

Applicants should note that the fillable PDF forms must be opened in Adobe Acrobat of Adobe Reader to allow completion and where applicable require electronic handwritten signatures.  Instruction on how to add your signature using Adobe ‘Fill & Sign’ can be found here:  How to create a signature.

Please note that we will not accept a typed signature.

Registration with another Regulatory Body


Information on how to register with another regulatory body can be found in the Pharmacist Registration section of the website.