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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance reports of pre-registration training 2018-19

Pre-registration training is a key element to ensuring that we register competent pharmacists; thereby protecting the public and maintaining the reputation of the pharmacy profession in Northern Ireland. We quality assure pre-registration training in Northern Ireland. A core element includes using trainee feedback to review the performance of tutors and to provide trainees with an opportunity to reflect on their personal experiences during pre-registration training.

Why do we request trainee feedback?
Feedback from trainees is used to ensure improve the quality of training for trainees, to encourage best practice and to ensure that tutors remain fit for purpose and can effectively undertake the important role of being a tutor.

The Report can be accessed via link below:

NB This paper relates to the quality assurance of pre-registration training programme for the 2018-19 intake and not the 2019-20 intake which still in progress.