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Common Registration Assessment Eligibility Requirements (NI Only)

Common Registration Assessment Eligibility Conditions – Pharmaceutical Society NI candidates only

The Registration Assessment will be based on the Registration Assessment Framework and will consist of two papers.

The Registration Assessment specifications can be found on the GPhC website.

General Information

(a)    No person who applies for registration under Article 8(2)(b) of the Pharmacy (Northern Ireland) Order 1976 who commenced pre-registration training after 31st May 1993 shall be registered as a pharmaceutical chemist unless the applicant has passed the registration assessment.

(b)   The syllabus (Registration Assessment Framework) and procedures for the Registration Assessment will be as resolved by the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society NI.[1]

Eligibility conditions

(a)     A pre-registration trainee shall be eligible to sit the Registration Assessment upon completion of at least 45 weeks satisfactory pre-registration training, payment of the entrance fee stipulated, and production of evidence to satisfy the Registrar of the Pharmaceutical Society NI as to his/her:

(i)    Identity

(ii)   Satisfactory completion of the 39th week appraisal report.[2]

(b)    Pre-registration trainees must sit the Registration Assessment within eighteen months of satisfactory completion of pre-registration training.[3]

(c)     Eligibility to sit the assessment for the first time will lapse 18 months after the satisfactory completion of pre-registration training.  In such circumstances, the candidate will have to meet such requirements as are specified by the Registrar before once again becoming eligible for first entry to the assessment.

(d)     On payment of the appropriate fee, a candidate who fails the Registration Assessment at the first attempt must sit the assessment again within the following eighteen months.[4]

(e)     A candidate who fails the Registration Assessment at the second attempt must be required to complete a period of six months employment in community or hospital pharmacy in an establishment approved by the Council and must sit the assessment for a third time within twelve months of completion of such period of employment, on payment of the appropriate fee.[5]

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