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Information about Foundation Training Year

The primary aim of the Foundation Training Year experience in Northern Ireland is to reinforce among the trainees an awareness that they are to become members of a healthcare profession and to develop a professional attitude and a sense of responsibility, embracing the requirements of The Code (Professional standards of conduct, ethics and performance for pharmacists in Northern Ireland 2016) and its associated Standards and Guidance.

The Foundation Training Year takes place after students graduate with their MPharm degree.  It consolidates their initial learning and education and offers workplace-based, practical training in a clinical setting or settings.  The training enables trainees to build upon their pharmacy knowledge, understanding, skills and behaviours, and previous experience and to apply them to enhance their knowledge and skills in preparation for registration.

The Standards for Foundation Training Year set out the requirements for training and apply to trainees, prospective trainees, Educational Supervisors and employing organisations. The primary purpose of these Standards is to ensure that trainees receive appropriate training, supervision and support during the Foundation Training Year so that they are well prepared to sit the Common Registration Assessment and, thereafter, practise as independent practitioners.

Standards FTY 2024-2025

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