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Educational Supervisor


From 01 July 2021, all Tutors who have up to date accreditation with the Pharmaceutical Society NI will automatically become Educational Supervisors. The term ‘Educational Supervisor’ will be adopted nationally within the pharmacy profession and is used across the healthcare professions to refer to someone with mentoring responsibility.

Tutor/Educational Supervisor accreditation and re-accreditation for 2021/22

The Pharmaceutical Society NI will continue to operate the accreditation events for pharmacists wishing to supervise a trainee in 2021/2022. Pharmacists who wish to gain accreditation to act as an Educational Supervisor for the first time, or those who wish to renew their accreditation and who were last accredited in 2016, will need to attend an accreditation event in 2021. Those pharmacists who are currently accredited from 2017 onwards will not need to attend a re-accreditation event in 2021.

You can now register for a course via the Events Section of the website.  Please refer to communication below before registering:

Tutor/Education Supervisor Accreditation & Re-accreditation Courses – Now available – 02 April 2021

Details of all current accredited Educational Supervisors can be found using the link below:

Current Accredited Educational Supervisors* (*as of 02 August 2021)