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Common Registration Assessments in 2022

The GPhC and Pharmaceutical Society NI will run two sittings in 2022, as was the case before the pandemic.  The next sitting will be in June 2022.  More information about assessment dates, the location of test centres and booking procedures will be available on the GPhC website in the coming weeks.  Trainees will be contacted when this is available.

If you want to sit again in 2022 and you want to apply for a reasonable adjustment, you will be able to find out about this process once the assessment regulations and specification for the next sitting have been published. It is your responsibility to ensure that you submit the correct documentation to us by the deadline dates given.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to sit the Common Registration Assessment, you must have successfully completed 45 weeks of our Foundation Training Year (Pre-registration Training) programme (or be in your 45th week of training), having obtained a satisfactory 39-week appraisal.  Further information about eligibility requirements to sit the Common Registration Assessment for NI candidates are available at this link.