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What happens if…

I fail one of my final MPharm Examinations?

You will need to re-arrange your pre-registration training start date.  Provided the Pharmaceutical Society has all relevant documentation relating to your training we will only need confirmation that you have passed the resit(s) prior to you beginning training.  If the Pharmaceutical Society have confirmation of your resist(s) result from your University for example on the 8th September you could commence training on the 9th September.

We must have received confirmation of your new official start date from your employer prior to you beginning pre-registration training.

My tutor leaves during my training?

If a tutor leaves their employment for any reason alternative arrangements must be made so as to ensure the trainee receives satisfactory supervised training for the remainder of the training period for the trainee. The Pharmaceutical Society NI must be informed of the proposed alternative arrangements as soon as possible and reserves the right to refuse to recognise the training proposed.  In these circumstances a trainee may be required to find an alternative training position with another employer and tutor.  Any change in tutor must be notified in writing to the Pharmaceutical Society NI as soon as is known and a Change of Tutor Form submitted.

Further guidance on change of tutor can be obtained from this link.

My tutor does not consider I have made sufficient progress for him/her to sign the final declaration form?

You will be required to undertake further training.  This is normally for a minimum period of three months.  This may be with the same tutor or an alternative tutor and it is your responsibility to organise the additional training.  It is important that you understand why your tutor was unable to sign the final declaration form and to work on those aspects of training in which you are deficient.  It is a major responsibility for a tutor to sign the final declaration form and he/she must be confident that you meet the required standards.

I miss a compulsory training day?

If you miss a compulsory training day you should let the Pharmaceutical Society NI/ NICPLD know and see if it is possible for you to attend an alternative session. If this is not possible you must let the Pre-registration Lead know and he will identify and organise additional learning resources and tasks for you to complete.

I fail the registration examination?

There is a re-sit examination for any trainee who fails the registration examination.  This is normally in October if the first attempt was in June.  If a trainee fails the examination at the second attempt he/she must complete a period of six months employment in an approved community or hospital pharmacy and sit the examination for a third and final time within twelve months of completion of this period of employment.  For further guidance please read ‘What to do if you have failed the Registration Examination‘ document.

I am late submitting my registration documentation?

The aim is to have a seamless registration process for newly eligible pharmacists.  In order for this process to work one of the conditions is that all essential documentation for registration must be submitted no earlier than the start of week 49 and no later than the end of week 50.  Therefore documentation received after the end of week 50 will result in a delay in registration.  Once all documentation has been received you will be notified of your registration date (normally 14 days after completed documentation has been received).

I started pre-registration training on 01 July 2019, what date will I register?

Trainees will be registered pharmacists the day after completing the full 52 week training period, i.e. a trainee who has the approval of the Registrar to join the register and who started pre-registration training on 01 July 2019 will be a registered pharmacist on 01 July 2020,  the anniversary of your start date.