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The Professional Standards Authority’s 2022/23 Standards of Good Regulation Report for the Pharmaceutical Society NI

The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) has today published its report on the Pharmaceutical Society NI’s performance for the 2022/23 period, which concluded that the Pharmaceutical Society’s has fulfilled 15 out of the 18 Standards of Good Regulation.

Commenting on the report the Chief Executive of the Pharmaceutical Society NI, Michaela McAleer, said:

“I welcome this monitoring report from the PSA, which concluded that we met the majority of standards set by them, particularly around Guidance, Standards, Education and Training and I acknowledge the PSA’s positive feedback on the improvements we have implemented since their previous report.

“The PSA identified that Standards 4, 10, and 15 were not met on this occasion, specifically those sections of the standards relating to information provision, register accuracy, and the timeliness of some of our fitness to practise cases. Many of these issues were identified by the Pharmaceutical Society NI itself and reported to the PSA, in keeping with our commitments around openness and transparency.

“We are confident that having identified the reasons behind the issues that occurred, the systemic modifications we have made to our processes should significantly reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence.

“We will continue to monitor our progress to meet the required standards. We appreciate the PSA’s ongoing support and guidance on how we can demonstrate future adherence to these standards.

“The Pharmaceutical Society NI remains dedicated to upholding good regulation, proactively identifying issues, and swiftly and effectively addressing them when they occur. We are grateful for the PSA’s continued support and advice.”

The full performance review report is available to read on the PSA’s website.