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The Pharmaceutical Society NI meets all the Professional Standards Authority’s Standards of Good Regulation for 2021/22

The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) has published its Performance Review of the Pharmaceutical Society NI as part of its annual review of the ten statutory health and social care regulators across the UK. The Performance Review assesses whether each regulator is meeting the PSA’s 18 Standards of Good Regulation.

The PSA has confirmed that the Pharmaceutical Society NI has met all the Standards of Good Regulation for 2021/2022. A copy of the PSA’s Performance Review can be found here.

Dr. Geraldine O’Hare, President of the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland, said,

“We are delighted with this year’s Performance Review and I want to thank all the staff at the Pharmaceutical Society NI for their hard work and professionalism which is reflected in this outcome. I am particularly pleased that the PSA’s conclusions will give further reassurance to the public and pharmacy professionals that we are doing the right things to protect the public while ensuring that our processes are fair, proportionate and transparent to all those involved.

“Building on this year’s performance, the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society NI is developing a new Corporate Strategy that will again set ambitious objectives for the organisation, aimed at driving further improvements in our regulatory performance”.

Reflecting on the report, Michaela McAleer, the Chief Executive Officer of the Pharmaceutical Society NI said,

“We are very pleased with the outcome to this year’s performance review. We will continue to consider the helpful comments and observations made by the PSA, as part of its report, within our internal programme of work to ensure we are an anticipatory and forward-thinking regulator who fully utilises feedback and opportunities for continuous improvement and learning.

“We look forward to working with them, the public and other stakeholders  in our regulatory role, ensuring the delivery of safe and trusted care to the public by the pharmacy profession”.