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Social Distancing message for pharmacists and their teams

A new joint message on social distancing from the Pharmaceutical Society NI, the GPHC and representative organisations was issued on 30 March 2020. All frontline pharmacy teams are understandably concerned about protecting themselves from exposure to Covid-19. We share this concern and recognise the important steps that those providing frontline services can take to preserve continuity of vital, safe, pharmacy services.

It is important that pharmacy professionals, superintendents, responsible pharmacists, chief pharmacists and owners are aware that public health advice continues to emphasise social distancing is the most effective protection against the spread of Covid-19.

All pharmacy settings should consider how social distancing (at least two metres) can be achieved. If it is not possible to maintain the two-metre distance the entrance of the pharmacy should be closed, and entry controlled so that two metre distance can be maintained. This is to protect staff and users of the pharmacy.

This does not negate the need for all pharmacy teams to have access to appropriate PPE for specific instances where it is a necessary addition to social distancing measures, for example when working in small dispensaries.

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