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Regulator seeks views on new Code of Conduct for Pharmacists

The Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland today launched a consultation on a new Code of Conduct for all pharmacists in Northern Ireland to replace its previous Code of Ethics.

The Regulator is inviting comments on the document which will underpin the functions of the pharmacy regulator in Northern Ireland and be an integral part of maintaining patient safety.

Speaking about the Code of Conduct and the importance of the consultation, Dr Jim Livingstone, President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland, said:

“The primary responsibility of the Pharmaceutical Society NI is to protect and maintain public safety in respect of the profession of pharmacy. We do this by ensuring that registered pharmacists in Northern Ireland are fit to practise, keep their skills and knowledge up to date, and deliver high quality safe care to patients.

“In this regard the new Code of Conduct is the single-most important document the Pharmaceutical Society of NI produces.  It sets out the professional standards, behaviour and conduct the public can expect from a pharmacist when accessing pharmaceutical care. It underpins the regulatory functions of the organisation and is intended to guide and support pharmacy registrants in their area of practice, professional development and decision-making.

“The current Code of Ethics has been in use for five years, but in that time new legislation has been introduced, pharmacy practise has developed further, and following The Francis Report, the focus of healthcare regulation throughout the United Kingdom has become sharper. We have therefore undertaken an extensive process of review to update the current Code and are now seeking people’s views on the results of this work.

“We propose to establish a new Code of Conduct which covers all areas of pharmacy practise and professional roles, is clear and unambiguous to all, and is easy to put into practise.

 “We would therefore encourage feedback from patients and the public; pharmacy registrants and potential registrants; employers, professional and representative bodies, and other stakeholders who may have an interest in pharmaceutical care”.

Three consultation events are being held to provide further information on these proposals, these can be booked on our events page:

The consultation will run from 16 February 2015 to 11 May 2015.