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President of the Pharmaceutical Society NI welcomes the next generation of Pharmacists

132 pre-registration pharmacist trainees have passed the registration examination in Northern Ireland, which was held in August 2020. Subject to being signed off by their pre-registration Tutor, the successful trainees will now join the register of Pharmaceutical Chemists and can practice pharmacy in Northern Ireland.

Dr Jim Livingstone, President of the Pharmaceutical Society NI, congratulated them on the achievement:

“Congratulations on your success.

“As you begin your career, take time to reflect on how much you have achieved so far through many years of study and preparation. You can be confident that you have already experienced some exceptional circumstances for healthcare in Northern Ireland and you should look forward to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

“As the new generation of pharmacists, your skill and vision will help shape the future of pharmacy in Northern Ireland and continue to set high standards of patient care.

“I welcome you onto the Register of the Pharmaceutical Society NI and wish you all success in your chosen path”.



For further information please contact Mark Neale at the Pharmaceutical Society NI on 028 9026 7933 or

Notes to editors

The Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland is the regulatory body for pharmacists in Northern Ireland. Our primary purpose is to ensure practicing pharmacists in Northern Ireland are fit to practise, keep their skills and knowledge up to date and deliver high quality safe care to patients.