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Positive response to online retention drive

As of the 15 June 2016, 83.5% of registrants had paid their retention fee online, compared to 40% last year. This is an extremely positive response to the organisation’s drive to get registrants to switch to the online system.

Reflecting on the positive figures, Mark Neale, Head of Public Affairs stated:

“This is great news. We shifted focus to online retention as a response to positive feedback from registrants. In our Annual Survey some 84% of respondents who had used the online system, stated that it was more convenient than the paper based approach, whilst 97% of respondents found the online system either very easy to understand or easy to understand.

“Based on additional feedback, we have further updated the system, removing all charges from payments made by debit cards; making this a more attractive option again. Registrants now have a more convenient process, which reduces their paper trail, and comes at no extra cost.

“We would like to continue with this progress and we encourage as many registrants as possible to use the online system”.