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Pharmacists removed from the Register for non-compliance with CPD

The following list details the names of those Pharmacists removed from the register of Pharmaceutical Chemists in Northern Ireland on the direction of the Registrar due to CPD Statutory Non-compliance relating to the CPD year 2019-20.  Removal is effective from 9 November 2020 (Inclusive) and is processed under Regulation 3(2)b of ‘The Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (Continuing Professional Development) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012’ as amended:

Title Surname Forename Registration No Date of removal from register
Mr McCaughey Donal J 2465 09/11/2020
Mrs Chestnutt Laura R J 4356 09/11/2020
Mrs Toale Katrina M 4511 09/11/2020
Miss Dougan Kathleen F 5950 09/11/2020
Miss Sands Catherine A 6090 09/11/2020
Mr Duffy Constantine 6627 09/11/2020
Mr Genge Russell D 6790 09/11/2020
Miss Adebiyi Damilola E 6819 09/11/2020
Miss Buchanan Abigail 6823 09/11/2020
Miss Choi Ka Hang 6858 09/11/2020
Ms Henry Gemma Mary 6892 09/11/2020
Miss Yusri Noramalina B 6926 09/11/2020
Mr Nordin Mohammad H B H 6935 09/11/2020
Miss Nesseruddin Dayangku S A B P 6949 09/11/2020
Kiss Lee Jen Y 6954 09/11/2020
Mr Loonat Khaleel Al 6984 09/11/2020
Miss Al-Zubaidy Sara 6994 09/11/2020
Mr Alves Miguel M C 6997 09/11/2020

Total 18                                                                                                               3pm 9/11/20

Ms Laura Hughes MPSNI
Registrar & Head of Regulatory Services