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Pharmacists removed from Register for non-compliance with CPD

The following pharmacists were removed from the register of Pharmaceutical Chemists in Northern Ireland for non-compliance with the CPD requirements for the year 2013-14.Removal is effective from 16 August 2014 (Inclusive).


Title Forename Surname Registration Number Date of removal from register
Mr Mun Yew Au Yeong 3119 16/08/2014
Mr Michael Black 5778 EU 16/08/2014
Mr Peter Cassidy 5714 16/08/2014
Miss Rachael Donnell 5508 16/08/2014
Mr Rory Dunne 5603 16/08/2014
Mr John Gillespie 5734 16/08/2014
Mr Joseph McNally 5176 16/08/2014
Miss Ann O’Connell 5247 16/08/2014
Mr Alan Rodden 2686 R 16/08/2014


Please note any registrant who is currently subject to Fitness to Practise (FtP) investigation will not be removed in relation to their non-compliance with the CPD requirements until the FtP investigation is concluded.