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Pharmacists removed for non payment of fees

The following list contains the names of those pharmacists who were removed from the Register of Pharmaceutical Chemists in Northern Ireland due to non-payment of fees for the year 2018-19. Removal was effective from 02 September 2018 and is processed under Article 15(3) of the Pharmacy (Northern Ireland) Order 1976.

Title Forenames Surname Reg Number Date registered Date removed
Mrs Nicola Therese Donnelly 4619 01/08/2007 02/09/2018
Mr John James Dermot Hennessey 5518 01/08/2012 02/09/2018
Miss Lorraine Muriel Wallace 5776 24/01/2014 02/09/2018
Mr Emmet McCann 5825 15/07/2014 02/09/2018
Miss Kar Yan Chai 5980 23/10/2014 02/09/2018
Mr Matthew Alexander Campbell 6407 21/10/2016 02/09/2018
Mr Nathan Allen Scott 6487 04/07/2017 02/09/2018
Mr Conall Martin McCaughey 6574 01/08/2017 02/09/2018


Please note: A person can re-join the register by submitting the appropriate application, registration fees and an additional fee of £75.