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Pharmaceutical Society NI welcomes the publication of the Professional Standards Authority annual report.

The Chief Executive of the Pharmaceutical Society NI today welcomed the publication of the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA) annual independent review into the activities of the nine healthcare regulators including the Pharmaceutical Society NI.*

The PSA has again confirmed that within its legislative constraints the Pharmaceutical Society continues to meet the required standard indeed the PSA has welcomed the new legislative framework within which we work.

Commenting on the report, Trevor Patterson said,

“As recognised within the PSA report, 2012 was an important year for the Pharmaceutical Society NI. The legislative changes that were introduced in October have increased our ability to operate as a modern regulator in part by introducing a mandatory Continuing Professional Development framework and new fitness to practise processes that will benefit both the public and registrants.

In particular I am delighted that the PSA report confirms that we have met 22 of the 24 Standards of Good Regulation. in relation to the only “not-met” standard around progress on the introduction of Continuing Fitness to Practise/Revalidation systems we will be working with the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety NI,  on plans to commit to the introduction of further legislative improvements required to meet that standard during 2013..

PSA determined that there was insufficient evidence to confirm that we had met the standard around prioritising fitness to practise cases due to the late introduction of the new legislation and resulting small case load to assess in 2012. I am confident that in 2013 we will have the necessary evidence to present to the PSA in order to meet this standard.”

The PSA report noted the following about the Pharmaceutical Society NI activities in 2012:

  • The introduction of the new legislation is welcome and the PSA consider that the resulting changes should allow the Pharmaceutical Society NI to protect the public more effectively.
  • The Pharmaceutical Society NI continues to meet all the Standards of Good Regulation for guidance and standards.
  • The Pharmaceutical Society NI continues to meet all the Standards of Good Regulation for registration.
  • The PSA is pleased to note improvements with the progression of cases through the fitness to practise process following the implementation of the new legislation and the co-operative joint working between the Pharmaceutical Society NI the DHSSPSNI and the Health and Social Care Board (each of which participate in the Pharmacy Network Group).