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Launch of the corporate strategy, “A New Era 2013-16”

The President of the Pharmaceutical Society NI Ms Jacqui Dougan this morning launched the organisation’s Corporate Strategy “A New Era 2013-16”(click on the link to see a copy).  Speaking before the launch Ms Dougan said  “Since assuming office last October the new Council of the Pharmaceutical Society NI has been very active.

Both registrant and lay members hit the ground running and today I am very proud to be launching this Corporate Strategy document.

This is the culmination of many hours of hard work and reflection.  Today we are taking the next steps in delivering modern healthcare regulation for Pharmacy in Northern Ireland.”

Continuing, Ms Dougan said,

“The Pharmaceutical Society NI has a great heritage and we seek to build on this.  Going forward, we have a vision of being an exemplary regulator, using all our skills to continue bringing effective, proportionate and fair regulation to the pharmacy profession.  All the while, building on our ability to be progressive, agile and responsive to the needs of our stakeholders.

“Our vision accurately reflects what we seek to achieve:

“The Pharmaceutical Society NI will continue to be recognised as a proactive, exemplary regulator which is trusted by patients, respected by registrants and has the confidence of the public and legislators.”

Mr Garry McKenna, vice president, commenting at the launch said,

“As a new lay member of the Council I have been impressed by the centrality of patient safety in all we are seeking to do. Our mission statement is a clear statement of intent, placing patients at the core of all we do, whilst maintaining public confidence and registrant respect. To me this epitomises the correct balance between public requirements and registrants expectations.”

“Our Mission states:

“The Pharmaceutical Society NI will continue to place patient safety at the heart of everything that it does; maintain the confidence of the public and the respect of registrants.”

Bringing the event to a close Mr Trevor Patterson Chief Executive, said,

“To me, the next priority is delivering the high expectations set out in this strategy. Today the Pharmaceutical Society NI has a new roadmap, plotting our course for the next three years. As CEO I find this very exciting, I appreciate there will be plenty of challenges ahead but together both the Council and staff are committed to making this strategy a reality, delivering for those who have placed their trust in this organisation.”

Further details can be found on our Corporate Strategy page corporate-strategy