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Heading for record year of CPD compliance

Carrying out Continued Professional Development (CPD) is crucial for professionals to maintain high standards of practice, skills development and the delivery of safe services to the public and 2015/16 looks set to be a record year for pharmacists complying with their statutory CPD requirements in Northern Ireland.


Only seven notices to remove due to non-submission have been issued (0.3% of registrants). This compares to 31 notices of removal and 26 actual removals for non-compliance in 2014/15.


In November 2015, the Pharmaceutical Society NI introduced a new online CPD process for the pharmacy profession. We are very pleased with how registrants have engaged with the new CPD system, with record numbers, over 98%, of CPD portfolios being submitted online.


231 registrants (10%) are having their CPD portfolios sampled and assessed as part of our quality assurance and audit process – the assessment results will be available in August 2016.


The public should take confidence from these record levels of compliance in relation to pharmacists’ CPD in Northern Ireland.