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CPD – the requirements for June 2013

As we approach the conclusion of the CPD year 2012-13, I would like to clarify the arrangements for CPD submission/assessment for June 2013.

 For the CPD year (1 June 2012 to 31 May 2013) CPD submission and assessment will be the same as previous years.  This means that CPD submission will not be compulsory for all registrants on the 1 June 2013.

 What’s happening in June 2013?

  • CPD is a professional requirement for all pharmacists registered with the Pharmaceutical Society NI. Therefore, you must ensure that you comply with our record keeping requirements and be ready to submit your portfolio if requested to do so
  • Approximately 250 registrants who have been randomly selected will receive a notification on 1 June 2013 (by either email or letter) instructing them to submit their portfolio for assessment by 30 June 2013

Please note: only those registrants who receive a notification will be expected to submit their portfolio to the Pharmaceutical Society NI.

  • Online CPD recording improves your chances of CPD success (register via the NICPLD website at if you have not already done so to avail of this facility)
  • Results will be notified to registrants in September 2013
  • Feedback will be made available online where appropriate
  • Two reassessment opportunities will be provided to registrants whose portfolio does not meet standard
  • If successful after first reassessment there is no requirement to enter into second reassessment
  • Please contact the Post-registration Lead, Michelle McCorry, if you have any queries regarding your CPD submission
  • Facilitation support can be accessed via Pharmacy Forum – please contact the Pharmacy Forum at directly for details.


Michelle McCorry

Post-Registration Lead