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Covid-19 Temporary Register Now Operational (CLOSED 31st MARCH 2024)


To aid in the response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK Government progressed legislation to allow the Registrar of the Pharmaceutical Society NI to temporarily register fit, proper and suitably experienced persons as pharmacists. We have registered over 260 individuals who left the Register, in the last three years in good standing, who have not indicated to us that they would like to opt out of this registration.  This means that those on the Covid-19 Temporary Register are able to practise pharmacy in Northern Ireland until such time as their registration is revoked because the Covid-19 temporary registration is no longer required or for other reasons.

The Covid-19 Temporary Register can be searched here:

As this registration is being effected automatically, we will not have received all of the usual information provided on application.  We are therefore asking employers that in addition to their usual checks, they seek information on the following:

  • their Covid-19 Temporary Registration number (which can be found on our website at;
  • a form of identification and proof of address;
  • the area of pharmacy in which they practised;
  • their assessment of their level of competency; and
  • any information relating to any health or conduct issues that might affect their fitness to practise.

We will advise of the date when temporary registration will end and provide further information on the circumstances in which the Registrar may place conditions on registration or revoke temporary registration, other than by the closure of the Covid-19 Temporary Register.

You can find out more about our response to the Covid-19 pandemic by visiting our dedicated web page here.

03 April 2020