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Council publishes new Threshold Criteria

At its meeting of 30 June 2020, the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society NI approved new Threshold Criteria for the Registrar of the Pharmaceutical Society NI.

Upon completing an investigation into a pharmacist’s fitness to practise, the Registrar must apply the Threshold Criteria when deciding if the case should be closed or referred to the Scrutiny Committee for further consideration.

The document is designed to provide a decision-making framework to assist with the delivery of consistent, proportionate and reasonable decisions on whether to refer a case on for further consideration or close the case.

Speaking about the publication of the new Threshold Criteria, Dr Jim Livingstone, President of Council stated:

The purpose of our Fitness to Practise function is to protect the public and maintain public confidence in the pharmacy profession. The new Threshold Criteria place these considerations at the heart of the document and the decisions of the Registrar.

“The Threshold Criteria will also assist in the delivery of consistent decision making and ensure fairness and proportionality when investigations into pharmacists’ fitness to practise are concluded. 

“We have published the Threshold Criteria after a public consultation on our initial proposals and Council is extremely grateful to those organisations that responded. The responses helped us improve upon our initial draft”.



The Threshold Criteria 2020 can be found here.

The report into the consultation on draft Threshold Criteria can be found here.