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Council approves new Premises Standards for registered pharmacies in Northern Ireland

The Council of the Pharmaceutical Society NI approved new Premises Standards for implementation in registered pharmacies in Northern Ireland at its Council meeting on Tuesday 05 June 2018.




In a statement the President of the Pharmaceutical Society NI, Dr Jim Livingstone said:

“Today’s approval marks a significant stage in the process of implementing new Premises Standards for all registered pharmacies in Northern Ireland. These Standards will have a statutory basis giving us a clear responsibility to ensure that pharmacies in Northern Ireland operate in a manner that protects the public and puts the patient first.

“Having undertaken a full public consultation on our proposals, we are confident that the Premises Standards will provide a clear regulatory framework for the Pharmacy Owner and Superintendent to safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of patients and the public. They will also help to improve the patient and public experience and let people know what to expect from their pharmacies”.

Speaking about what happens next Dr Livingstone said:

“Whilst the Council has approved new Premises Standards today, this is only the first step on the way to their implementation. We will be working closely with the Department of Health (NI) to develop meaningful criteria – directly linked to the Standards – for use by the Department of Health’s Inspectorate in measuring and assessing pharmacy premises. We also propose to launch a pilot scheme with the Department to test the criteria and inspection regime to be sure it is fit for purpose before full implementation across all pharmacies. We will ensure the involvement of the pharmacy profession, Pharmacy Owners and Superintendents as this work progresses.

“Once the piloting has been completed we intend that the new Premises Standards and inspection regime will take effect in 2019.”


Premises Standards June 2018