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Changes to the law for selling medicines online

From 1 July 2015 online sellers of medicines to the general public (including pharmacies) need to be registered in the UK with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) if established in the UK and to be on the MHRA’s list of UK registered online retail sellers.

If selling medicines online you will also need to display, on every page of your website that offer medicines for sale, the new EU Common Logo which verifies the registration of the seller with MHRA.  The EU Common Logo is now a legal requirement across all states of the European Union.

Selling medicines online without being registered and not displaying the logo will be illegal and may result in prosecution.

The illegal sale of medicinal products to the public via the Internet by retailers is a serious danger, as falsified medicinal products may reach the public in this way.  The common logo will help identify those websites which are operating legally. The general public will be guided in future to only purchase medicines from a legally operating seller or pharmacy which will give the purchaser confidence in the quality and safety of the products.

The regulatory authority for the EU Common Logo is the MHRA; information and guidance on how to register for the new logo can be found on its website.

Register for the EU Common Logo with MHRA to sell medicines online