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Application process to Register as a Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacist in 2020-21 now open

The Pharmaceutical Society NI has been reviewing all its activities in response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, as part of this work we have reviewed the publicised plans for applying to register as a trainee pharmacist in 2020-21.

In light of this review, it has been decided that the most pragmatic and fairest approach to the 2020-21 application process, is to make appropriate adjustments to the current procedure;  making it as simple as possible whilst ensuring it remains robust  for applicants, tutors and training organisations, under the current circumstances.

It has also been decided that the training year for 2020-21 will begin on 01 July 2020, meaning that applicants can therefore start their pre-registration training on this date, subject to successful application and confirmation from the Pharmaceutical Society NI.

We have designed the process to ensure that applicants and tutors can complete the application form remotely, without having to physically meet or exchange hard copies of documents, which we know is difficult at this time. The closing date for the submission of application forms is 29 May 2020.

The link below leads to a detailed statement, which outlines the new procedure and provides relevant additional information:

Pharmacists, tutors and trainees have shown exceptional adaptability during this difficult period and we thank you for this. We have  endeavoured to make the revised application process as easy and fair as possible for all involved, under the current circumstances and we appreciate everyone’s ongoing co-operation and support.

Daniel Young

Pre-registration Lead

Further regulatory statements and information relating to our response to the Covid-19 pandemic can be found here:

30 April 2020