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Announcement concerning CPD submissions 2019/20

Trevor Patterson, CEO and Interim Registrar, has made the following announcement concerning CPD submissions for 2019/20.




Announcement from Trevor Patterson, CEO and Interim Registrar of the Pharmaceutical Society NI

 In March 2020, the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society NI postponed the CPD 2019/20 submission date and subsequently set the new submission date at 31 August 2020, a three-month delay.  At its meeting in June 2020, Council reconsidered and affirmed its decision to end the CPD year 2019/2020 on 31 August 2020, with portfolio submissions by all registrants due on that date.

In coming to its decision, Council was cognisant of the three key objectives for healthcare regulators: ensuring patient safety; setting and upholding standards; and maintaining public confidence in the profession.

Council considered the fact that, on average, 11 people are removed from the Register each year for failure to submit an annual portfolio and 9-13% of those assessed fail to meet the standard at the first attempt.  Of this latter group, the overwhelming majority are able to demonstrate that they meet the standard during the year through remediation.

Council had previously recognised the pressure on the profession at the height of the Covid-19 surge which was why it postponed submission and maintained the amount of CPD at that required for a 12-month period, during the 15-month cycle.  Council also discussed the speed at which pharmacists had to change both what they did and how they did it and agreed that it was important that all of the learnings from this should be captured, the CPD process forming an ideal medium for doing so.

There was a recognition that, when the emergency was declared, three quarters of the CPD year had elapsed during which pharmacists would be expected to record their CPD on the CPD portal and the delayed submission date, with two months’ notice, would provide ample opportunity to complete the submission process.

Commenting on the decision, the President, Dr Jim Livingstone, said “This is the correct decision to ensure that CPD standards are upheld, the public are protected and trust in pharmacy is maintained.  Patient groups advocate strongly for professionals to keep their skills and knowledge up to date and are reassured by independent evidence that this is being done.  I want to commend the pharmacy profession for their significant contribution in difficult circumstances and encourage them to continue to be reflective professionals by documenting and reflecting upon their learning”.

 Trevor Patterson

CEO & Interim Registrar

09 July 2020