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The CPD Framework was published in April 2014 CPD Framework  and it articulates the standards and rules governing the CPD process.

Some notable points are:

  • CPD portfolio records must be submitted by 31 May each year.
  • A minimum number of 4 cycle entries must be recorded in a CPD portfolio annually.
  • A minimum of 30 hours CPD activity must be undertaken every year (a partial/pro-rata submission of 15 hours may be acceptable in some ‘extenuating circumstances’, e.g. maternity leave)
  • At least half of all CPD cycle entries must be recorded as ‘scheduled’ or ‘planned’ learning activity, embracing a reflective approach to practice
  • Record whether CPD activity is relevant to the ‘safe and effective practice of pharmacy; and, to your scope of practice’
  • There are five essential criteria for scheduled (planned) learning activity and two essential criteria for unscheduled (unplanned) learning activity. Failing any one of the essential criteria means that the cycle fails.
  • Where a registrant is unable to record an actual application of CPD learning, they can use ‘simulation’ and/or ‘future application of learning’ in the evaluation stage of a CPD cycle
  • Registrants who submit a CPD portfolio which does not meet standard in Assessment 1, will be given two further opportunities for remediation in Reassessment 1 and 2. If a portfolio is successful after Reassessment 1,  entry into Reassessment 2 will not be required.
  • A team of assessors from many sectors of pharmacy practice assess the registrants’ portfolios.
  • Registrants who are ‘dual-registered’ (that is, registered with more than one pharmacy regulatory body) must comply with the CPD requirements of each registering body.
  • All inquiries or requests for facilitation support, or help with CPD recording, must be directed to the Pharmacy Forum.

Key dates


  1. The CPD submission deadline is 31 May each year.
  2. The submission portal to the online CPD system opens from 1 April each year.
  3. Paper portfolios must be submitted to, and arrive at the Pharmaceutical Society NI office by the 31 May deadline.
  4. Any registrant whose portfolio has been selected for CPD assessment will be notified in early June and receive their results by the end of August. On certain occasions this might be slightly delayed.