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The new CPD Framework was launched on 01 June 2021 and articulates the standards and rules governing the CPD process from CPD Year 2021/22 onward.

Registrants are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the new Framework and the requirements for CPD cycles and portfolios moving forward.

The key points to note in the new CPD Framework 2021 include:

CPD Year

The CPD Year will run from 01 June – 31 May, unless otherwise directed by the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society NI.

CPD Submission Deadline

CPD portfolios must be received by the Pharmaceutical Society NI before the deadline (midnight on 31 May) either online via the new CPD portal or in hard copy to our office at 73 University Street, Belfast BT7 1HL .

Extenuating Circumstances Deadline

Pharmacists should apply within 21 days of becoming aware of the grounds they consider to be extenuating circumstances.

The operational deadline for Extenuating Circumstances applications is 30 April.

Portfolios – Time & Cycle Requirements

  • Full portfolio: between 4-10 cycles and a minimum of 30 hours of CPD activity; and
  • Partial portfolio: between 4-10 cycles and a minimum of 15 hours of CPD activity.

Scheduled & Unscheduled CPD

At least 50% of CPD cycles must relate to Scheduled learning activities.

Current Scope of Practice

At least 75% of cycles must relate to the registrant’s current scope of practice and environment.


At least 75% of cycles must be evaluated directly in practice.

Meeting Standard

To meet standard, assessed portfolios must achieve a mark of 50% or more.  This must include:

  • At least 50% of the number of submitted cycles; and
  • Those cycles which meet standard must contain at least 50% of all CPD hours submitted.

Not Meeting Standard

Where a CPD portfolio does not meet standard in Assessment 1, the registrant will be given two further opportunities for remediation in Reassessment 1 and 2. If a portfolio is successful after Reassessment 1,  entry into Reassessment 2 will not be required.


Registrants who are ‘dual-registered’ (that is, registered with more than one pharmacy regulatory body) must comply with the CPD requirements of each registering body.

Facilitation Support

Enquiries about, or requests for, facilitation support or help with CPD recording must be directed to the Pharmacy Forum.