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Extenuating Circumstances

Deferrals, Exemptions or Partial submissions

In extenuating circumstances, the Pharmaceutical Society NI can waive a registrant’s CPD requirements.

A request for a deferral, exemption or a partial submission should be made to the Registrar using an Extenuating Circumstances application form.  

Applying for an exemption

Please see below for an extract of Section 6 of the CPD Framework:

An extenuating circumstance is detailed as a circumstance beyond the individual’s control which has had a significant and/or detrimental impact on the individual’s ability to comply with their CPD requirements.

CPD activity should be undertaken and recorded throughout the CPD year and not left to the final month before the submission deadline. On this basis, it is only in cases where a registrant’s ability to undertake CPD activity throughout the CPD year has been significantly affected that an application for extenuating circumstances should be made.

In making an application to the Registrar, the registrant must include independent, verifiable documentary evidence relevant to their case and which has been declared on the application form. If at any point the registrant is unsure about making an application, it is advisable to contact the Registrar for further information and to seek clarification.

  • An exemption or deferral can be requested in extenuating circumstances in which you have been unable to work because of, for example, a long term illness. Please note that long- term unemployment is not considered a valid reason for an exemption or deferral.
  • A partial submission can be requested if you have been on the Register for less than 6 months of the year or have worked less than 6 consecutive months in the CPD year.

If you are considering applying for an exemption/deferral or partial submission please review the full guidance in the CPD Framework by clicking here. 

Application form


Applications for extenuating circumstances will only be considered if recorded on the Extenuating Circumstances Interactive form 20-21. Applications should be submitted as early as possible and preferably before 30 April with supporting evidence either by email to or in hard copy to:

Laura Hughes


Pharmaceutical Society NI

73 University Street