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Extenuating Circumstances

Annual submission of a compliant CPD portfolio is the statutory obligation of each registered pharmacist. 

The Extenuating Circumstances (EC) process provides a means by which a registered pharmacist, who is/has been experiencing extenuating circumstances within the current CPD year, may apply for an exemption from, or reduction of, their CPD obligation.  

By way of definition, an extenuating circumstance is a circumstance that is beyond the normal difficulties experienced in life which has caused exceptional interference with the registrant’s ability to work and/or undertake CPD activities. 

The CPD Year 2023/24 EC application form is now available for completion on the Regulator On Line (ROL) Portal.  

Entitlement to Apply for an Exemption or Partial Submission

Please refer to the lists of Generally Unacceptable Circumstances, Generally Acceptable Circumstances  and Documentary Evidence before applying.

The following periods of inability to work or to complete CPD activity apply:

0 – 26 weeks – No entitlement to apply

27 – 36 weeks – Entitlement to apply for a partial submission

37 – 52 weeks – Entitlement to apply for an exemption

Where the time period of an acceptable extenuating circumstance extends over the CPD submission period, the registrant is entitled to apply for an exemption.

If you are considering applying for an exemption or partial submission, please also refer to the CPD Framework 2021

Applications should be submitted on the ROL portal as early as possible and before 30 April 2024.  Applications received after this date will be considered at the sole discretion of the Registrar.  It is the registrant’s responsibility to ensure that their complete application, together with the required documentary evidence, is submitted on the ROL portal prior to the stated deadline.  

Incomplete applications will be notified to the applicant.  No form of exemption, full or partial, should be assumed until receipt of a formal email advising that any exemption has been granted.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to check for updates/emails regarding their application.

Registrants with accessibility issues should contact the CPD Department by emailing or by calling 02890 326 927 Ext 3.