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Continuing Professional Development

CPD Framework

The CPD Framework 2021 was published, notified to registrants and launched on our website in June 2021.  We would encourage you to familiarise yourself with the document particularly the CPD portfolio requirements and the standard required. If you have a query which is not resolved within the FAQs, please contact the CPD Department.

CPD portfolio submissions are facilitated on the Regulator On Line (ROL) Portal.

Registrants who have recently joined the Registrar should wait for 3 working days from their date of registration before attempting to access the ROL Portal.

If you need further guidance on logging in on the new CPD portal, please watch this 1 min tutorial video:

CPD Obligations

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a career-long process – not an end in itself.  It involves the tracking and documenting of skills, knowledge and experience gained, both formally and informally, beyond any initial education and training.

It helps pharmacists to keep their practice and proficiency up to date to maintain standards. It also improves patient and public confidence in the profession.

CPD is a legal requirement for all registered pharmacists. Every registered pharmacist must meet the requirements of Standard 5 of the Pharmaceutical Society NI’s Code: Professional standards of conduct, ethics and performance for pharmacists in Northern Ireland – to maintain and develop professional knowledge, skills and competence.

All registered pharmacists must make an annual CPD submission and declaration to the Registrar, by 31 May or other date, as instructed by the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society NI, except for those pharmacists who have been granted an exemption by the Registrar through the Extenuating Circumstances process.

CPD can be recorded and saved, throughout the CPD year, on the pharmacist’s ROL account in preparation for CPD submission before the end of the CPD year.

Early CPD Requirements

Early CPD requirements will apply to those applicants who fall into the following categories:

  • a pharmacist applying for restoration to the Register, having previously been removed from the Register for non-compliance with the CPD Framework;
  • a pharmacist applying to re-join the Register, having voluntarily withdrawn from the Register during a previous CPD year but having failed to submit a CPD portfolio for that year;
  • a pharmacist applying to rejoin the Register, having not been registered as a pharmacists within the last 12 months.

Please review the CPD Framework  for early CPD requirements.

For all other information, please contact the CPD Department at:

The Pharmaceutical Society NI, 73 University Street, Belfast BT7 1HL

Tel 028 9032 6927 Ext 3