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In this critical pre-registration training year, trainees need to put their knowledge and skills developed at university into practice and learn to become competent pharmacists.  Your role as tutor is vital.  You are expected to be the role model and guide the trainee throughout the year.  You will observe the trainee’s performance, assess his/her competence, give him/her feedback and ultimately make the decision that he/she is fit to go on the register.

Tutor Training Course

Applying to be a tutor

If you have at least three years experience as a registered pharmacist in the aspect of pharmacy with which the particular training establishment is concerned you are eligible to apply to attend the tutor training course.

Experienced Tutors

Experienced tutors must attend a refresher training course every five years if they wish to continue as pre-registration tutors.

Tutor Courses

Training courses for new tutors are held in April/May each year.  It is normally one full day for new tutors and a half day for experienced tutors.

The 2017 Tutor Courses will be held on four dates in March and April, registration can be made via the Events Section of the website.

Details of all current tutor can be found using the link below:

Current Pre-registration Tutors

Tutor Responsibilities

When you agree to take on the responsibilities of a tutor for a pre-registration trainee, you must complete the Tutor declaration which accompanies the trainee’s application to the Society.

The Standards for Pre-registration Training contains information regarding tutor responsibilities.

Accessing your Trainee's E-portfolio


To access your Pre-reg Portfolio please use Membership Online.

NB. If your trainee started prior to July 2016, you will continue to use the existing Pre-registration Training Website until they complete their training.


Tutor Manual

Information about pre-registration is provided in the Tutor Manual.  A copy the tutor manual will be available through the e-portfolio system in the Resource Section.

Change of Tutor

The Standards for Pre-registration Training indicate that a pre-registration training placement must occur in an establishment that is approved for this purpose (section 6) and must occur under the supervision of an accredited tutor (section 7).

If a trainee’s tutor or training site changes then the Pharmaceutical Society NI must be informed prior to the change, using the Change of Tutor Form, otherwise there is a risk that training will not be recognised.

Notice:  From 7th November 2016 the learning contract is now part of the change of tutor form.  New tutors will be expected to complete the learning contract along with the trainee.

NB If the trainee is moving to different premises within the same company please ensure that the new premises are approved as a training establishment. If the premises are not approved a ‘Approval of Pharmacy Premises as a Training Establishment’ form must be completed and submitted with the Change of Tutor Form.

If co-tutoring is to be adopted a Co-tutor Form must be completed.  Please note that only the first tutor indicated will have access to the E-portfolio,

Tutor Support Evening

A tutor support evening will be held  in January 2017, notification will be sent when a date has been confirmed.

This is useful for tutors who have not recently attended a tutor training course to learn about recent changes in training.  It provides an opportunity to meet other tutors and exchange information on best practice.

To register for the Tutor Support Evening please visit our Events Section.

Quality Assurance

All pharmacists undertaking the role of tutor must meet the eligibility criteria and attend a Tutor training course.

At the end of each training year, trainees are issued with a questionnaire seeking to establish the views of the trainee on the competence of their tutor against a range of competencies.  Each active tutor receives an individualised feedback report showing their performance as judged by their trainee and the mean scores obtained in that training year.

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