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Trainee Information

Your training period must extend for one full calendar year and include normal holiday entitlement for the pharmacy where you work and public holidays.

Before you start

When your application to undertake pre-registration training has been approved, you will receive a letter from the Pharmaceutical Society NI confirming that you are eligible to start your training once you have provided evidence that you have been awarded an appropriate MPharm degree.

Before you start, you should check that the Pharmaceutical Society NI has received evidence of your degree award and you must confirm your date of starting pre-registration.  Remember you must submit a certified copy of your degree certificate to the Society’s office within two months of commencing training.

For clarification of who can certify your degree certificate and the requirements can be viewed via the link below:

Who can sign Degree Certificate and the requirements

If you fail one of your final MPharm Examinations you will need to re-arrange your pre-registration training start date.  Provided the Pharmaceutical Society has all relevant documentation relating to your training we will only need confirmation that you have passed the resit(s) prior to you beginning training.  If the Pharmaceutical Society have confirmation of your resist(s) result from your University for example on the 8th September you could commence training on the 9th September.

We must have received confirmation of your new official start date from your employer prior to you beginning pre-registration training.

Pre-registration Training Manual


The Pre-registration Training Manual sets out key information about your pre-registration training year.

Pre-registration Training Manual 2017-18 (for use by trainees and tutors)

Standards for Pre-registration Training

The Code

Accessing your E-portfolio

To access your Pre-reg Portfolio please use Membership Online.

Starting your pre-registration training

Your manual will explain all the requirements for pre-registration training.  Please read this carefully and seek clarification if needed from your tutor or the pre-registration lead.

Pre-registration Training Number

Each trainee will be allocated a training number which allow them to book on courses held at the Society.

Training numbers can found via the ‘Search the Register’ facility on the home page.


You will receive a written invitation to the Induction Event.  This provides an opportunity for the pre-registration lead to discuss your training year and the various assessment processes and deadlines involved. This event is compulsory.

NICPLD Compulsory Workshops & Distance Learning Courses


The Northern Ireland Centre for Pharmacy Learning and Developement (NICPLD) facilitates CPD for pharmacists, pre-registration trainees and pharmacy technicians via various learning and funding programmes.

The Pharmaceutical Society NI has specified certain NICPLD courses as mandatory for pre-registration trainees, see below:

NICPLD Workshops

  • Supporting Professional Practice
  • Law and Ethics
  • Basic and Emergency First Aid

NICPLD Distance Learning Courses

  • Controlled Drugs – striking a balance
  • Responsible Pharmacist
  • Patient Medication Review and Records
  • Patient Safety (3 courses)
  • Minor Ailments (7 courses)

Brief details relating to these can be found in the NICPLD brochure that was given to you at your Induction Event.

New for 2017/18 – Business Management

Pre-registration trainees will need to attend and additional 1-day training course on Business Management for 2017-18.

Calculations Training Events

Calculation Training Events will be held at Society House in March 2018.  The Pharmacy Forum deliver  the Calculation Training Events.  The Course will cover a broad range of pharmaceutical calculations and help will be on hand to deal with difficulties that you may have with specimen calculations.

Key Dates

The Key Dates for your pre-registration training year are available here and deadlines for submission of appraisal forms and performance standards are provided in the manual.

Illness during the year

If you are absent on sick leave or for any other reason, for more than the equivalent of one week, you must inform in writing the pre-registration lead.  The Pharmaceutical Society NI permits a maximum total absence of 8 weeks (annual leave, public and bank holidays, sick leave), that is 42 days out of the 52 weeks training before an extension to training is required.

Change of Personal Details

It is essential that we are able to write to you during the pre-registration year.  If you change your address from the one you initially gave, you must write to or email the Pharmaceutical Society NI with the change of address details.

Where possible, we will communicate with you by email.  You must contact us in writing or by email with any changes in your email address.

Change of Tutor

If your tutor or training site changes then the Pharmaceutical Society NI must be informed prior to the change, using the Change of Tutor Form, otherwise there is a risk that your training will not be recognised.

Notice: From 7th November 2016 the learning contract is now part of the change of tutor form.  New tutors will be expected to complete the learning contract along with the trainee.

NB if you are moving to different premises within the same company please ensure that the new premises are approved as a training establishment.  If the premises are not approved an ‘Approval of Pharmacy Premises as a Training Establishment‘ form must be completed and submitted with the Change of Tutor Form.

If co-tutoring is to be adopted a Co-tutor Form must be completed.  Please note that only the first tutor indicated will have access to the E-portfolio.

Fees Associated with Pre-registration

Fees as 2016-17

Registration fee £206.00
Retention fee £10.00
Examination fee £174.00
Resit examination fee £174.00



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