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Statutory Continuing Professional Development

  • From 1 June 2013, the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (Continuing Professional Development) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012, in conjunction with, the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (Continuing Professional Development) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2013,  introduced CPD as a statutory legal requirement for all registrants of the Pharmaceutical Society NI.
  • The regulatory Council of the Pharmaceutical Society NI has developed a CPD framework outlining:
    • the requirements and conditions that must be met by registrants in respect of their CPD,


    • the circumstances in which registrants can be regarded as having failed to comply with their CPD requirements.


 CPD framework

  • The new CPD framework was published in April 2014.
  • This framework articulates the standards governing the CPD process and brings together the previously published CPD framework part 1 (May 2013) as well as the second part of the Framework, which was consulted upon earlier this year..
  • It introduced some key changes. These are:
    • The annual submission of CPD portfolio records from ALL registrants by 31 May each year.
    • A minimum number of 4 cycle entries to be submitted.
    • A minimum of 30 hours CPD activity to be undertaken per year (a partial/pro-rata submission of 15 hours may be acceptable in some ‘extenuating circumstances’, e.g. maternity leave)
    • Record a ‘predominance’ of scheduled learning activity, that is, learning that embraces a reflective approach to practice
    • Record in the compulsory fields in your CPD record form if your CPD activity is relevant to the ‘safe and effective practice of pharmacy and to your scope of practice’
    • The essential assessment criteria are identified. There are five essential criteria for scheduled (planned) and two essential criteria for unscheduled (unplanned) learning activity. The essential criteria must be met in all cycle entries before an entry will be deemed acceptable.
    • The unrestricted use of simulation and/or ‘future application of learning’ in the evaluation stage of a CPD cycle should a registrant be unable to describe an actual application of their CPD learning
    • A comprehensive guide to CPD assessment has been produced
    • There is a new application process for all requests for CPD exemptions/deferrals or partial submissions. Refer to section 6, Extenuating Circumstances, of the CPD Framework.
    • Registrants who submit unsuccessful portfolio records (after first assessment) will be offered two remediation opportunities (in reassessment), which will be time-bound and in two phases. A registrant who is successful after the first remediation attempt will not be required to enter the second phase of remediation.
  • A highly skilled team of assessors representing all sectors of pharmacy practice assess the registrants’ portfolios.
  • Registrants who are dual-registered must comply with the CPD requirements of each registering body.
  • All facilitation support inquiries must be directed to the Pharmacy Forum.

Timetable of key dates
  1. Statutory CPD commenced from 1 June 2013.
  2. Submission deadline is 31 May each year. Regular reminders will be sent to registrants of the submission deadline.
  3. Submission portal to the online system opens from 1 April each year.
  4. Paper portfolios must be submitted, and arrive at the Pharmaceutical Society NI office by the 31 May deadline.
  5. Registrants who have been selected for CPD assessment will be notified in early June each year.
  6. Assessment results will normally be issued to registrants by the end of August each year, on certain occasions this may be slightly delayed.


Post-registration Lead
  1. The Post-Registration Lead, Ms Michelle McCorry, is available to address any queries you might have regarding the CPD process. She is contactable by telephone: 028 9032 6927 or at
  2. If your circumstances change for any reason (e.g. maternity leave, illness), please notify the Post-registration Lead as soon as possible – do not wait until close to the submission deadline to do this.


Pharmacy Forum
  1. If you have any issue regarding the recording of your CPD information, please refer to the section on CPD Resources or seek facilitation support from the Pharmacy Forum.


What you should do?
  2. Register to use the online CPD recording facility. (see Frequently Asked Questions   Question No 5)
  3. Familiarise yourself with the process for online recording.
  4. Plan your learning activities at intervals throughout the CPD year.



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