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Publication of the Corporate Strategy for 2017 – 22

The Council of the Pharmaceutical Society NI has published its Corporate Strategy 2017-2022. The Corporate Strategy sets out Council’s Vision of being recognised and trusted as a leader for modern and effective healthcare regulation with a key role in ensuring pharmacy services are safe and meet high standards. The Strategy also sets out Council’s Mission, along with six key objectives and related goals for the five year period.


Code of Ethics & Standards

We are responsible for setting standards that govern the conduct of all pharmacists and ensure the safe practice of pharmacy

Raising Concerns

For information about how to make a complaint or raise a concern about a pharmacist or pharmacy premises


Details of how this organisation is structured and how we operate

Fitness to Practise

An overview of fitness to practise processes and hearing outcomes

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Pharmacists removed for non payment of fees

The following individuals have been removed from the Register of Pharmaceutical Chemists in Northern Ireland for non payment of fees, in accordance with Article 15(3) of the Pharmacy (Northern Ireland) Order 1976.

Removal is effective from 1 September 2017 (inclusive).


Advice on Conflicts of Interest.

Today, along with the CEOs of the other 8 healthcare regulators, Trevor Patterson signed a Joint Statement containing advice for healthcare registrants on dealing with conflicts of interest.

The statement sets out how health professionals should be aware of…

Pharmacists removed from Register for non-compliance with CPD

Pharmacists removed from the register of Pharmaceutical Chemists in Northern Ireland on the direction of the Registrar due to CPD Statutory Non-compliance relating to the CPD year 2016-17.  Removal is effective from 8 August 2017 (Inclusive) and is processed…

Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland recruiting Clinical Advisers

The Pharmaceutical Society NI is looking to appoint a minimum of eight experienced clinical advisers, with a range of expertise to its Clinical Advisers List. Clinical advisers will provide advice to Fitness to Practise Committees on health related issues.


Update on Independent Prescribers Regulations

Following the closure of the Consultation in January on the proposed new Regulations for Independent and Supplementary Prescribers, draft Regulations have been passed to the Department of Health for approval and completion of the NI Assembly processes.

We recognise that…